I can smell it in the air tonight..

Date Fri, July 18 2008

The next few posts will deal with different products I use to scent and freshen the air including air fresheners, candles, incense and diffusers.

A recent air freshener product I picked up is a new concept, or at least a concept new to me, as is combined air freshener with dish washing liquid in the same container.

When it came time to replace my dish soap, I picked up Dawn’s Simple Pleasures in Apple/Pear. This product contains not only Dawn’s extra condensed liquid soap (known as Dawn Ultra) but has a separate compartment at the bottom of the bottle where small fragrant, waterproof beads are housed.

I’ve never been super picky about dish soap, as long as it smells fine. This product smells relatively pleasant but I think it might smell better if it were just apple or pear scented which is a bit of a shame considering as it’s also an air freshener which brings us to its unique new function.

The bottom of the container is also a separate compartment for Dawn’s freshness beads which scent the air of the same Apple/Pear smell. The compartment, with vertical slits in the front and back of the bottle, is originally covered with tape. The instructions tell you to remove both pieces of tape for maximum scent but I only pulled off the tape from the front.

Even so, Dawn Simple Pleasures is a very effective air freshener and my kitchen kitchen is immersed in its scent. It wasn’t immediately noticeable but after a short time, it became very powerful. Even my husband noticed.

The bottle claims that the scent will last for several weeks so I imagine the dish washing liquid will last much longer. It’s a shame and the product would probably work better if the freshener and liquid lasted approximately the same amount of time.

What I love about this is that the air freshener is apart of the package. Dishwashing liquid is something I always have on my counter so I don’t need to make room for the air freshener on the counter or take up socket room like plug-in fresheners.

I really like the idea of Dawn Simple Pleasures Dish wash liquid and air freshener. I think it’s a line they could expand on and while the Apple/Pear scent is okay, I think they could do better by focusing on one scent. The freshness beads are very strong and would be perfect if they lasted as long as the dish soap itself. However, I am still satisfied.

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