I Have an Advantage

Date Fri, September 12 2008

..and it’s Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser. Unlike some acne products, this cleanser starts working right away. With many products there is an initial break out because all the acne under the skin is brought up but I did not experience that at all with this product.

From the get-go, this product worked almost flawlessly and my skin saw very few blemishes for nearly a month. Even after that, when I could tell the product was not working as well as it had, I only had a pimple or 2 to show for it.

This creamy formula, with its non-offensive scent, works well when it comes to my occasional acne and also keeps my skin feeling clean and non-greasy. Although I would probably switch to another product after about a month of using Clean & Clear’s Advantage Acne Cleanser in the future, I am definitely impressed with how fast and well this product has worked for me.

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