I Heart Keenwah

Date Mon, February 18 2013

If you’d asked me about quinoa before I tried I Heart Keenwah, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you much. In fact, I wouldn’t even have pronounced it right. Oops. After having tried this product, I definitely want to know a little more about quinoa, even though this product is a little bit different than how you might normally enjoy quinoa.

So, for those of you won’t know about as much about quinoa as I did, here’s the 411. It’s a grain that’s common in the Andes, and it’s pretty nutritional for you.There’s no gluten, lots of fiber, many vitamins, minerals and protein, and it is even as good as a mother’s milk. The ways I’ve seen quinoa enjoyed remind me a lot of rice, so that may help clear things up for you.

However, I Heart Keenwah has a different take on this. This snack takes the grain to form little crunchy cubes mixed with other ingredients or flavors. Currently the brand offers four different flavors:

  1. chocolate sea salt
  2. almond
  3. ginger peanut
  4. cranberry cashew
Almond Flavor

Almond Flavor

I was sent the almond flavor, and while there’s big chunks of it in the pictures on the site, I didn’t really notice any chunks in mine at all. I finished them before I thought to take a picture, and I think this is one of the major flaws: I Heart Keenwah isn’t a snack that will last you a long time. Yes, it’s nutritious and should fill you up for a while but it’s kind of unimpressive how many little squares you actually get.

I mean, this did last me a few days, but I honestly think that’s because I didn’t really love the flavor. It was nutty and sweet but almost a little artificial. I probably would have preferred either the chocolate or cranberry varieties as that would have felt a little more “varied.”

I Heart Keenwah isn’t exactly messy, but it is crumbly. The bag was full of crumbles, and you’ll definitely want to brush yourself off after you have your snack. It’s hard enough that not everyone will like it. I might slightly prefer something a little softer myself.

However, they definitely weren’t bad. It reminded me of a granola bar, something like those Nature’s Valley bars that are pretty crisp. If that’s your style, you might like these snacks. If you’re not into that, then I Heart Keenwah might not be up your alley, but I wouldn’t let it deter you from trying other quinoa products in the future.

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