iFrogz InTone Earbuds [Followup Review]

Date Fri, September 5 2014

Boy, had I waited just a week, I think the tone of my initial review would have been different. While I generally liked the fit of these earbuds, they lasted me just a few weeks before shorting out.

This is even more problematic with headphones that has remotes, because the remotes start messing up. Songs pause, start and skip randomly. On my iPod Nano, the Siri-like voiceover kicks in. It’s all very annoying. I try to bend the cable this way and that to prolong the inevitable, but why even bother?

I had hoped the flat cable and L-shaped jack would make this a better option, but it really didn’t. Especially when it costs almost $20 because I paid more in store than you will on the site. It’s back to the $5 cheapo option from Walgreens, which seems to be the best balance between quality and savings given the rate at which I go through headphones.

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