iFrogz InTone Earbuds

Date Tue, August 26 2014

Y’all know how much I rather like Apple’s Earpods. They look silly, and not everyone loves them, but they have high sound quality and they fit my ears well. However, I’m not so enthused with the $30 price tag, especially given how quickly I tend to go through earbuds. If you’ve been around Reviews by Cole long enough, this should come as no surprise.

I’m not quite sure why I go through earbuds so quickly. There is definitely an issue when a kitty chews through them, but most of them short out. I try to look for earbuds with L-shaped jacked because this seems to help, but even Apple’s earpods, which feel much higher quality than others, eventually shorted out. One bud goes out. And I can’t listen to music like that!

The first time my earpods died, I opted for a cheap knockoff from Amazon, but they weren’t the same quality — in sound or build. The remote soon broke, and broken remotes cause the iPod to act up, so a short in the wires is actually worse with headset style earbuds.

A love story.. so far

A love story.. so far

iFrogz InTone Earbuds are generally the same shape; although, they’re much more colorful. I opted for the blue version, which have black and white buds.  I think the actual earbuds are a little larger than Apple’s. They weren’t as immediately comfortable, but this might be good for people who thought Earpods were too small. The remote on the wire is also black. Speaking of the wire, it’s a flat wire. I haven’t had any issues, and I am hopeful this will make the earbuds last longer. The description says it helps to prevent tangles, so it might. However, it’s not tangle-proof.

These earbuds also come with a remote. It’s plastic with a silicone “tube” that covers it. The tube does tend to move up the wire, so I find myself replacing it. This happened once, and it revealed the plastic remote, which is fairly cheap. They tend to snap apart at the seam, and this was happening and causing my iPod to freak out. However, I snapped it back into place and replaced the soft cover, which I hope will protect it. I would hate for the earbuds to continue to work but the remote to make them unusable anyway.

Sound quality is pretty rich, too. It’s not tinny like dollar-store earbuds; although I’m sure Earpods are better. I just don’t have any to compare — which is the exactly reason I needed a new pair.

The iFrogz InTone Earbuds do have an L-shaped jack. Like I said, this tends to be helpful.

No matter where you buy these, they’ll be cheaper than Earpods. I paid about $20 at Walmart. On the site, they’re under $15, and there’s 5 colors. On Amazon, you can purchase the black and white version for just over $10.


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