Date Sat, September 11 2010

InboxDollarsOnce upon I time, I was a member of 3 paid to read email sites. All three of them went down in flames at they declared bankruptcy or simply did not pay their members. Since that time, many more sites have come and gone and a few have stuck around for the long haul. I don’t know what’s different about them but I know that InboxDollars has been successful in this game.

InboxDollars allows members to earn money through a variety of methods. You’ll receive several emails on a daily basis and, when you click the links on them, your account is credited. I also receive periodic messages to take surveys. I head over to the site and enter my information to see if I’m eligible. I’m usually not but sometimes I am. The emails all pay $.02 per message while the surveys pay between $.25 to $2 or $2 each.

You’re not going to get rich. I just reached my first payout and I’ve been a member for well over a year. However, the links are a very passive way to earn money. I get a handful of emails a day and take a few seconds to click on the links. I mean, what have I got that’s better to do?

InboxDollars offers more ways to make money, too. You can download programs, register for other sites (many of which are also paid to read or paid survey sites), sign up for services (T-Mobile, DirecTV, Netflix) or play online games for money through their affiliate WorldWinner. I personally stick to the emails and surveys but I have played some games and downloaded files.

As I mentioned, I just reached my first payout of $40. You can actually request payout at $30 but there’s a $3 fee for them to cut the check and they ask you if you want to earn another $10 to waive the fee so I figured, “Why Not?” When I went to cash out, it still said there was a $3 fee but I saw that they actually credited back into my account so while I will only be getting a $37 check, I didn’t lose the rest. InboxDollars offered a cash survey after I cashed out about how likely I was to use certain features or remain a member so I earned another $2 for completing that right away.

The one down side to this is that the check won’t be cut until November 1. That’s quite a long time. In the mean time, I have to remain an active member–and I will. I understand this system deters folks form joining and earning the first payment and never returning but, honestly, it took me so long to earn that first payment that I can’t see many people abusing the system like that anyway.

The one thin I like about InboxDollars over the sites I’ve used in the past is that it has a decent layout. It’s clean and easy to use. You can view your recent cash messages, see how money is in your account, find other ways to make money and refer others quite easily.

Yes, there’s a referral program. It does not look like you earn a percentage of your referrals’ earnings but you do earn bonuses for referring them in the first place. If you’ve noticed the addition of InboxDollars ads on the site, this is why. The ads appeal to folks by offering a $5 sign up bonus. Everyone is eligible for it, as far as I know. If you were a member and wanted to appeal to your visitors or friends, there are quite a few banners in a variety of standard sizes. They use the default green and cream colour scheme of the InboxDollars website.

While the money is not yet in my hand, I find InboxDollars to be generally favourable.

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