Date Sun, July 20 2008

Another method I use to fragrance the air in my home is incense. Incense has been used for many years in both practical and religious senses. I don’t use it as much as some people and my house doesn’t constantly smell like the inside of occult/magick stores but I do like to use it, especially since I just got my pretty blue glass incense burner back!

I tend to use the stick kind and have tried a lot of different scents from basic vanilla to more exotic scents. My favourite scent which I’ve been burning for years is a refreshing, relaxing scent by Escential Essence (purchase at

Escential Essence incenses are not as smokey as someone and do not simply smell like burning wood, which I like. The incense, packaged in bags of 16 with a blue and white label featuring a foil sun come in scents like Rain Goddess, Myan Temple, Tibetan Musk and Mountain Wildberry – my personal favourite. It can be found in the aforementioned occult shop and has a woody, fruity scent that reminds me of the rain forest or jungle (though I don’t know what either smells like! LOL)

Escential Essences incense sticks are 10″ long and the package advertises them as cruelty free, probably a good thing as many incense users are nature lovers. Each scent is labeled with sort of a magical magical description (although the “fine print” says that the incense is sold as curio only, no magical effects are guaranteed); for instance, Mountain Wildberry promotes harmony (and who doesn’t need more harmony in their life?).

The back of the packages suggest usages or properties for the specific incense. My favourite comes with the advice to burn during “Joyous summer festivals. Meeting old friends and lovers” where Tebetan Musk is good for “Inner truth, Love, Mountains, Strength and Prosperity, Strong and penetrating scent.”

Magical properties aside, I enjoy Escential Essences incense simple because it’s a clean burning, wonderfully scented incense. Of course, incense comes in many forms besides sticks and there’s quite a market for incense related products and accessories so you can enhance the smells of your home and beautify it at the same time.

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