Informal Etsy Reviews

Date Tue, November 3 2009

I thought I’d post a few reviews of items I’ve purchased from Etsy and my experience with those sellers. Of course, I can’t really send you off to buy the exact same thing as I already purchased them and many Etsy items are one of a kind.

katiediditglassFirst up – KatieDidItGlass has been a wonderful and understanding seller. I bought one of her amazing candle flowers, in amber and I loved it. Unfortunately, the cats love to chase eachother under the decorator table it was on and knocked it over a few too many times. It basically became flat as the candle holder is not meant to be cat-handled like that. I contacted her about a new one and agreed to send the pieces back for her to fix at a discounted price. The candle flower as arrived and is still in its box, unopened until I clear out Halloween decorations. I see no reason to subject it to abuse just yet. I cannot recommend KatieDidItGlass any higher! The glass art is beautiful (right now she has candle flowers, ornaments, earrings and more all made of gorgeous stained glass) and functional and, as a seller, I am highly impressed!

scentedluxuriesI also purchased some Vanilla Almond Amaretto – Fluffy Whipped Body Frosting from Etsy seller ScentedLuxuries. I had gotten some whipped body lotion from another company but it was kind of lame smelling. It did make me realize that I love whipped lotions so I hopped on to Etsy. I wanted something Cherry/Almond scented and settled on the Vanilla Almond Amaretto. It’s super fluffy and whipped and actually a bit thinner than I expected. The stuff I had been using was almost hard. OF course, this light formula is not greasy at all and the smell is not quite what I expected but good nonetheless. It’s a bit heavy on vanilla with undertones of Almond and Amaretto. I would probably use a bit less vanilla so the smell is a bit more balanced. ScentedLuxuries carries many more items that are scented like body mists, candles, essential oils, lip gloss and body wash, just to name a few!.

Both of these Etsy sellers have a lot of unique offerings and I would buy from them again.

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