Infusion Green Tea Eye Make-up Remover

Date Sat, December 5 2009

Along with the nourishing lip butter, I received a bottle of Green Tea Make-up Remover from Infusion for winning a giveaway. The 2oz bottle is plain with a white sticker/label. Although clean lines, it looks a bit amateurish. Through the bottle, you can see the make up remover which is a yellow liquid. The bottle has a press top which allows just a bit of the liquid to escape; I apply to a cotton ball, squeezing once or twice, and it works well. The liquid sticks and usually stays right on the cotton ball without dripping off because it’s slightly oily. There is a slight scent to this product that is reminiscent of but not exactly like green tea. It’s herbal and a bit sweet but not overpowering.

When it comes to use, Infusion’s Eye Make-up Remover is decent. Two swipes usually takes off the majority of of eyeshadow. However, mascara (especially waterproof) requires more scrubbing and a little more make up remover added to the cotton ball. At the end of the routine, my eyes look bare but I can still swipe a clean cotton ball over my lid or lashes and find traces of make up so it’s not 100% but it’s good enough, especially before bedtime. If you want to change your makeup, however, the Green Tea Eye Make up Remover may not be effective enough.

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback to this product: it’s oily. I mean really oil. From a few uses, the bottle has become slippery and greasy. The feel of the product on my lids, lashes and skin is incredibly greasy and makes my skin feel dirty. I have to wipe it off with a tissue or a small face pad and, if I’m going to do that, I might as well use the face wipes to clean off my make up anyway. I’m not a big fan of oily products and having used make up remover wipes, baby wipes and similar products – none of which were greasy in the least – I find this feeling to be unpleasant. Aside from the oiliness, however, this make up remover hasn’t caused any excess drying or other irritation. It just feels heavy.

For a free product, I can’t much complain. I wasn’t using any make up remover at all before. In fact, I’m usually so lazy that I don’t remove make up at all, to the detriment of my skin so Infusion’s Eye Make up Remover is definitely a step up but I would make sure to step it up even further if I were buying a product specifically to remove my (eye) make up.

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