Innoo Tech Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof

Date Thu, November 5 2015

This isn’t my fist go-round with a Bluetooth speaker. It is, however, the first time I’ve used one with so many options!

Innoo Tech Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof

Innoo Tech Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof

There are three ways you can listen to music with the Innoo Tech waterproof Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth
  2. Use the included cable to plug into your device’s audio jack
  3. Insert a MicroSD or TF card preloaded with music to play and not drain your device’s battery
  4. Listen to the FM radio

Thus far, I’ve only used the Bluetooth mode, which took just a few moments to connect. Since all of my devices that have music on them are Bluetooth compatible, I don’t see a reason to keep it plugged in. It’s more convenient to keep my phone or iPod in my pocket.

When using Bluetooth, you’ll have to press the M button longer to get it into the correct mode, unlike the other Bluetooth speaker I reviewed. This is because there are multiple modes of enjoying music with this speaker. At first, this confused me, but it’s not an issue any more. It now returns to Bt whenever I turn it on.

The M button cycles through SD/TF card and AUX modes. For some reason, the audio voice that says “Bluetooth” or “FM Mode” mode doesn’t speak on those other two modes. I actually didn’t realize FM mode was an option originally, but this totally makes the Innoo Tech speaker even more awesome!

Because there’s no screen, using it takes a bit of practice, however. When you first enable it, it’ll scan looking for strong signals. You can use the forward and back buttons to scan, but you’ll have to get a feel for where you are in the station spectrum, and you’ll probably want to find your favorite station and leave the speaker there for sake of ease.

One thing I noticed is that quality really degraded when it was in my hand, but it increased once I put it down. Something similar happens when I connect to any Bluetooth speaker and hold my iPod. Because of the small size, you can really obscure signal when you’re holding it. The FM signal isn’t amazingly strong, and it seems pretty inconsistent, even with stations that come in very well on other devices. But it’s listenable.

My only complaint with this one feature would be the apparent inability to adjust volume when listening to the radio. It resorts to a single level that’s a little loud when you’re inside, but would be just fine for outside activities.

The other buttons on this Bluetooth speaker include one to skip forward or backward. This works just fine with my iPod, but it’s going to be necessary if you’re using a memory card to play your music from. The lack of volume buttons also makes little sense when you’re using a microSD card.

Like my SoundWave speaker, this one has a microphone, so you can enjoy a call hands free. I haven’t made or received a call from the speaker. To be honest, this isn’t much of a feature I’m interested in. However, your music will begin playing once more as soon as you end the call.

It also charges via USB, but this speaker uses the current MicroUSB standard, the same as your Android device. The USB cable is actually split to also work as the AUX cable for your device, but you can’t charge your phone with the speaker.

Design-wise, this looks very military inspired. I’m not a huge fan of olive green myself, but the build is secure. Because it’s splashproof, you could keep it on the side of your tub, take it with you fishing or maybe install it in your shower where it won’t be in direct line of the water. A soft plastic (probably silicone) flap covers the microSD and AUX ports, but this thing isn’t going to be waterproof when completely submerged. There’s also lanyard, so you can attach it to your wrist or backpack. This would be grea

t for camping!

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Innoo Tech has pretty decent sound. It isn’t as distorted when you get to higher volumes (via Bluetooth) as my SoundWave speaker can be. It packs a decent punch for coming it at under $28. Get it here on Amazon.

I think Innoo Tech could charge a fair bit more if they added a small screen and allowed more freedom to program the FM radio. The addition of volume buttons, since this speaker already has physical buttons, only makes sense. I’d definitely keep an eye out for an improved version!

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