Innoo Tech LED shower head

Date Sat, November 14 2015

I own four shower heads. Why do I own four shower heads?

Two were for review, including this one, one I bought and another came with a handheld shower I acquired.

So I really didn’t need a new shower head, but when this one became available to review, I say “Yes,” anyway.

Surprisingly, there are a number of differences between this one and the one I previously wrote about.

For starters, this Innoo Tech LED shower head is adjustable. One setting is your regular water fall while the other is a more concentrate “massage” setting. To be honest, I don’t often switch, but it’s nice to have. This is done with a plastic lever that you slide back and forth.

There seems to be more water used with this shower head. That’s good for rinsing but means this might not be the best tool for someone who wants to conserve water. I’ll have to keep an eye on my water bill to see if there’s a big difference.

Another noticeable difference is the number of LEDs. With 6 LEDs in this shower head, it’s a lot brighter. The power of the water means the lights just work (and none of them are defective like my other shower head). The shower head itself is larger, too, to accommodate for the lights and the different modes as well as the lever. The larger size means the shower head contains more water. After shutting it off, some of it drips out a bit, while the rest just stays until the next use. Be careful removing the shower head when you’re done using it.

This one screws into any pipe or handheld shower. I find this one sits a littler straight up than some of them I’ve used in the past, so the water falls more straighter down than out. It’s not exactly straight down, but I do move closer to the center of my shower than the far wall. This might be good for taller folks, but I’m not tall, so I can’t tell you.

The finally difference is how the LED reacts. In my first, the coldest setting was green, then blue, then finally red. With this shower head, it starts off at blue, which actually makes more sense. At around 91 degrees F, it changes to green. I actually can’t get it to change to red. I guess my water doesn’t get over 110 degrees hot!

For less than $17, this is quite the nice upgrade. I’ll probably keep this LED shower head from Innoo Tech installed.

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