Introducing Orly Color Blast

Date Tue, August 5 2014

On a recent shopping trip to Kohl’s, I discovered a new line of nail polish from Orly: color blast.

This new line comes in smaller .37 ounce bottles rather than the larger, typical bottles you’d be used to from Orly. With a price of $7 at Kohls (some people have found them for $6.99 at Kmart, but they’re not yet listed on either site — or on Orly’s site), they’re more expensive than typical Orly polishes. The line includes 40 colors and several different nail treatments — top coats and such. There are several multichromatic colors called Color Flips, and I had to pick two up. One was Scarlet, the other Magenta.

Scarlet is actually a purple-green-blue multichrome. In low light, it looks like purple and green with a blue micro glitter, but in brighter light, the blue and purple looks more similar to but not exactly like Galaxy Girl. In the bottle, the green is more prominent, and the colors are more subdued than Galaxy Girl.

orly color blast magenta

orly color blast magenta

Magenta is a pink-sheened red that’s got a lot of sparkle. In the bottle, there’s a definite orange/gold tone that doesn’t show up so much on my nails. I enjoy the color, but it’s kind of similar to one of the Julep colors that I own and pink enough that it doesn’t look amazing on my skin tone. Ignore whatever fleck of something is on my index finger in the photo. It’s a pretty good capture.

I slightly preferred the texture of Magenta. It did take 3 full coats to get it opaque, but I only noticed when holding my nails up to the light. Scarlet, the color of which has nothing to do with the name, required 4 or so layers before the sparkly polish became opaque. But I loved the effect. It may be my new favorite color, and color alone will keep me coming back to this line.

I didn’t see Black Holo in the store, but I would definitely buy it. It’s quite similar to Sunglasses at Night, a bar-shaped holographic glitter polish in a translucent blue polish. It’s actually on my toes right now, and I’ve been looking for that polish or a similar one since I got my pedicure. I will definitely pick it up if I catch it in person.

Obviously, there are a lot of comparisons between these colors and existing Orly colors, including some that are no longer available or difficult to find, which may make the higher price for the smaller bottle worth it for some people. Canadian Readers over at Nouveau Cheap have said this line is identical to Quo by Orly, the line that’s available to our neighbors to the north.

Commenter Sienna has identified these dupes:

  • Rose Chrome Foil = Rage
  • Sky Blue Color Flip = Sky Blue Pink
  • Turquoise Color Flip = Halley’s Comet
  • Magenta Gloss Glitter = Miss Conduct
  • Plum/Gold Color Flip = Oui

And being available at stores such as Kohl’s and Kmart makes me more likely to buy Color Blast nail polish because I don’t often go to beauty supply stores specifically. I really wish that I could find it on either website or that Orly had information about it on their website so I could see the full range of products.

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  1. Jenn August 5 2014 @ 3:24 pm

    I have an ORLY Color Blast… a glittery yellow, I think. It’s not bad as far as yellows go, and since I do love ORLY’s other products I’ll probably try to scoop up a few more.

  2. Cole August 5 2014 @ 6:09 pm

    Where’d you find it?

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