Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream

Date Mon, August 26 2013

To be honest, I’d never heard of Jane Iredale before I went looking for a decent BB cream by an American brand. It’s been a hard search, but I’ve finally found one that I like, and this is it.

A few reviews online indicated that this offered good coverage, but I was bummed at both the price and the lack of any local stores carrying this BB cream. Fortunately, the folks at Jane Iredale are awesome. I contacted them for samples, so I could find one that matches me best, and I soon received several in the mail.

The one area where American companies do a little better than Korean ones is in offering color and tint options. Across the sea, we have more skin tones than they do in Korea, and the original BB creams often are too light or ashy for a large demographic. Jane Iredale offers six different shades from “fair” to “very dark.” If you’re Caucasian, Asian, of African descent, olive complexioned or something else, you should be able to find something to match you. Of course, there’s no perfect solution, but you can contact the company for samples like I did to find your best match.

Based on my description, I received BB3 and BB5. BB3 washed me out in paleness, but BB5 was just right. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have chosen those shades myself. However, the shade finder quiz on the website suggests choosing a shade with a yellow undertone if you have redness, which I do. BB5 does appear a little yellow or orangey; however, it’s perfect for balanced out my skin. In the photo below, you can see the cover; although, my inside lighting is poor and the flash is washing out some of the
BB cream.

glow time bb cream bb5

glow time bb cream bb5

In fact, I look so much more even after using Glow Time BB cream. It offers as much, or even more, coverage than Skin79. It blows Maybelline and Olay out of the water. I’m sure it’s buildable, too, but I haven’t really had a need. A little goes a long way. I hate that phrase most days because it’s usually not true, but I received a sample packet of this stuff, and that’s lasted two weeks.

This coverage comes in a much thicker formula. In fact, you pretty much can’t use it if you’re not using a primer first. I received a primer sample, but my cats took off with the tiny jar, so I’ve been using the Mally Perfect Prep Pore Diffuser and Skin Neutralizer as a primer before. This helps thin out the product a bit so I can rub it on my skin. Otherwise, it’s just going to be too stiff to apply. However, I really recommend that you don’t let that stop you from trying this product.

Aside from coverage, this product protects you from the sun with SPF 25. It contains products like Grapefruit Extract to minimize pores, wrinkles and uneven skin. Apple extract is included to smooth and exfoliate, while aloe provides soothing properties, of course. These products might not contain as many of the characteristics of Korean BB creams, though. Those offer more in terms of evening out your skin and scar fading.

The rest of the ingredient list includes silicones, various tea leaf extracts and Vitamin E. This product does contain glycerin, which some people don’t like in their cosmetics. Another item that makes the list is Aluminum Hydroxide, and I know that many people also avoid that. I’m not as picky with ingredients if the product does what I want it to, however.

At $48 per tube, this is a pricy product. There’s some room for improvement, especially when it comes to the texture. However, if it did provide long-term effects, I would be that much more likely to continue using Glow Time. I am glad that I finally found an American BB that I don’t hate, however.

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