Kashi Cereal Bars Ripe Strawberry

Date Sun, October 10 2010

So Kashi has itneresting commercials and I signed up for a free sample a while back. I checked my mail the other day to find a neat little prism-shaped box with a Ripe Strawberry Soft-Baked Cereal Bar inside. Rather than save it for an especially hungry moment, I gobble it right up. I mean, why not, hey?

I was impressed by the taste. The cereal outside was tasty. The strawberry inside was tasty too but I quickly found that the outside was much to thick and the bar simply lacked enough strawberry content. In addition to this, the cereal was so dry that it was simply packed together. Handling and biting caused the bar to break off into pieces. It’s like those meatballs I made a while back. They just.. fell apart. And while the result was tasty, it wasn’t desirable. Same thing here.

My suggestion? Kashi needs to use less cereal and make the crust more moist. Maybe add some milk. I don’t know. Increasing the strawberry jam stuff would also be great, too. It would probably increase the fats and sugars but, judging from the nutritional info, the cereal bar isn’t necessarily as healthy as I would expect. It has some protein, fiber and whole grains but no other vitamins and minerals.

With that said, I’d totally still eat this if it wasn’t as dry as it is.

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