Kendall Gelthotics

Date Tue, November 29 2011

I have this really nice pair of pinstripe pants hanging in my closet. They’re still ironed from the last time I ironed them. More than three years ago. I know! I also have a really awesome pair of Mary Jane-style heels that I like to wear with this pants. Except.. I don’t actually like to wear them. I had the pants tailored to the height of my heels and I wore them to work at the Enlisted Club at Misawa. They looked good but it only took a few minutes before I was hobbling like a pirate with a peg leg from pain. Some women are able to wear heels much easier but I’m not one of them. This, then, is exactly why those pants and shoes have sat in my closet for so long.

Kendall Gelthotics

Kendall Gelthotics

So when I saw a review¬† opportunity with Kendall Gelthotics, I thought “hey, maybe this will make my shoes a little more comfortable and I don’t have to walk like a drunk duck!” I’ve actually tried some inserts from other companies but none that quite fit me very well. While products for women’s shoes tend to stick in the shoe to provide comfort in specific areas (heels and the ball of the feet are common) and other insertable insoles take up the entire space of your shoe, Gelthotics are a silicone insert that mold around the shape of the foot. The rest along the inside of your foot in your shoe.

You can easily see how the product was designed when you receive it. My first pair wasn’t the best fit but the company sent me a smaller size, which fit much better in my shoes. Kendall Gelthotics come in ranges. For example, range 2 is for women’s sizes 7 to 8 1/2. You may want to order down a range if you’re pairing your Gelthotics with dressy or fitted shoes. With the larger pair, the Gelthotics didn’t fit as well against my feet and I felt like something was simply stuffed into my shoe.¬† The proper size contours to my foot much better.

The silicone is super squishy and feels pretty good along the side of my foot when I’m standing still.Walking on the gelthotics at first did feel a little weird. The squishiness does make me walk a little differently and that’s something you have to get used to. Plus, the gel-like material moves a little every time I step down on it. I’m sure I’ll get used to it over time, though.

My second pair of Gelthotics were also better because the have adhesive, which helps them to stay in place. The first pair only had a few spots that were sticky and didn’t want to stay in place in my shoes. Just getting my feet into them was a little difficult. However, the all-over adhesive is much more secure and makes getting — and keeping — the Gelthotics in place much easier.

Although I have inserted mine into wedges that I like, but can be painful, the instructions also describe how you can remove the insoles from athletic shoes to place the Gelthotics underneath. It seems to me that this is could be better use of them rather than dress shoes; unfortunately, I don’t have a pair of shoes like that.

The tiny tail that curves around the heel of your foot is especially mobile, it seems. I experienced this with both pairs. It doesn’t quite seem to fit as well as the rest of the insert. Perhaps if it were flatter and fit under the foot or simply shorter, so less of it went around the heel. The adhesive does make this a little less of a problem, however.

If Gelthotics are a good fit for you, they’ll last forever. You can wash them with soap and water, they don’t retain scents and they won’t break down like other materials. However, silicone is a big attractant of lint and cats. Mine have decided that Gelthotics are actually a cat chew toy. =/

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