Kindle Fire Case and Constant Content [He Said, She Said]

Date Sat, August 25 2012

Sahil at Run Around Tech likes his Ace Flip Case, too, but he spent more than three times on it as I did. I wonder if he’d like it even better at its current price.

Overall the Ace Flip for the Kindle Fire is an excellent case. It offers a good level of protection for your device while still keeping it relatively compact in size. The built-in stand functionality works well too. So if you’re looking for a nice folio case for your new Kindle Fire the Ace Flip is definitely worth checking out.

However, one reviewer on Amazon said that the case had an awful stench. I’m glad that wasn’t the case (get it?!) for me!

When it comes to Constant Content, Andrew Gubb agrees that the site isn’t without flaws. He sums up his opinion more bluntly than I did:

I don’t recommend Constant Content as a way of earning a full living for people with short tempers like me. However, if you only respond to requests and stick to things that aren’t excessively opinionated, it can be a pretty nice side job.

Over at The Write Stuff blog, you can read about Constant Content and its mixed feedback, especially with the application process.

It’s nice to see that others more-or-less agree with me about the products and websites I’ve reviewed here!

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