King of Litter Mats

Date Fri, October 31 2008

I was beocming increasingly frustrated with having to sweep up messy cat litter every other day, especially when it combined with water from the tub to become a melty mess. So, I did a little searching and bought the Sage King Soft Touch Track Mat.

Thus far, I’ve been impressed with this mat. It’s really different from traditional rubber or fabric mats. The Soft Touch Track Mat it made of two parts: the top grill where a cat steps, the base which is a tray. When my kitty steps on this, the litter falls off his feet, through the grill and into the tray where I can dump it back into the litter box.

How well does it work? Pretty amazingly! I was sweeping every other day but now I only need to sweep up the stray litter about once a week. It’s not perfect, but pretty close.

I was hesitant, though, because the Amazon picture really does not give a good impression of the size of this mat. It’s bigger than it looks but not so big that it is in the way. I have a smaller sized (14 x 10 inches) litter box and the curved edge of this mat lines up pretty much perfectly with the shorter side of the litter box. This might not be the best option for larger litter boxes or tiny spaces, however.

Lastly, the reason this works is ebcause my cat actually walks on it. he was hesitant at first but now has no problem with the Sage King Mat because the top plastic grate is soft, without any roughness or sharp edges.

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