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Date Wed, December 3 2014

I’ve never owned a curling iron and it’s been years since I’ve used one. I don’t recall ever using one all that frequently, but my best friend swears there was a summer in middle school where I wouldn’t go anywhere without curling my bangs! I haven’t had bangs for over a year, and it was something like 10 years before that when I tried them out. LOL!

The KISS InstaWave is nothing like any of those curling irons I’ve used before, and this is generally good. There’s one long barrel but no wand that holds your curl in place. Instead, there are several short prongs space evenly around the base of the barrel, and the barrel itself rotates.

The steps to use the InstaWave are pretty easy. According to the box:

Curling with InstaWave -- Better with long hair?

Curling with InstaWave — Better with long hair?

  1. Hold the curling wand vertically against a lock of your hair.
  2. Press the button to begin rotation, which grabs the rest of the tendril and wraps it around the barrel.
  3. Hold for a count of 10 and let go, pulling the barrel straight down from your hair.

Ta da curls!

So does it work that easily?

Sort of. You’ll want to let it heat up — the indicator turns blue when it’s ready — then you’re set to go. I feel like when I really think about the process, I tend to mess it up somehow. LOL There’s an inner prong that’s much closer to the barrel that your hair needs to be tucked into; otherwise, curls don’t work. This takes more effort than just placing it against your hair.

There barrel rotates in both directions, and switching between them gives you the most natural look. You’ll want to curl away from your face for the hair in front, of course. When I curled, the prongs kept wanting to pick up other hair close to the lock I had selected. I think that this would be less of a problem with longer hair because you can start the curls further away from your head, and you’ll be less likely to get other hair in it. I just don’t have to length for it to work like it does in the photos.

I think that the whole process may have been hindered by my hair being relatively short — about shoulder length. Tighter curls tend to work better for hair this short. You’re simply supposed to hold the hair in place longer for a tighter curl, but the barrel is just a little thick for my hair right now and I honestly don’t think any of the curls were tighter when I held for a count of 20. One of those tiny curling irons would probably work better. The site says the 1-inch barrel will work for everyone, but I’m not convinced. My best results were always with the longest chunks of hair in front of my face, and I think this proves my point.

Curls from Kiss InstaWave

Curls from Kiss InstaWave

Another contributing factor might be how fine my hair is. It doesn’t like to hold a curl because of this, and this may result in looser curls. Because it’s fine, I should use the lower temperature setting to prevent breakage. The high is 420 degrees, which is pretty low for a hair appliance, but I couldn’t determine the temperature of the lower setting. I’d guess somewhere between 350 and 375. It took only a matter of moments to heat up, which is awesome!

If this works for your hair length and type, I would definitely recommend it. It’s faster than traditional curlers. I think it would also work better for people who have injuries or illnesses in their hands, such as arthritis, because it requires less movement and less precise movement to get it right.

The instructions say to wait until curls are cool to brush. I can confirm that not doing this completely brushes them out. Boo!

I do like that the barrel isn’t stainless steel. I recall other curling irons quickly rusting. I know that we’re supposed to clean them after use to remove traces of product like hair spray, but I don’t know how many people do! This barrel is made of ceramic, which adds heat in a less damaging way and won’t rust over time.

The swivel cord is also good because it tangles less. You can easily switch between hands when you switch the side of your head with the InstaWave.

At the end of the day, I just wasn’t able to achieve a consistent head of curls with the InstaWave. I definitely want to try again, however, and will do so once my hair grows out again!

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Curls from Kiss InstaWave

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