Lashem Colour Strokes Brow Tint

Date Mon, November 10 2014

Before this opportunity from BrandBacker and Lashem — thanks guys! — I had never really worn any sort of makeup on my eyebrows. It’s not that I’m one of those people who doesn’t realize that you can use makeup on your eyebrows. It’s just that I typically don’t find the heavily-done eyebrow look super attractive. When people do more than shaping and combing their eyebrows, it tends to look distracting to me.

However, Lashem’s Colour Strokes lash tint didn’t seem like it caused this. So I was excited to try it. This product is currently available in three shades: blonde, brunette and raven. I requested brunette to try.

Upon receiving Colour Strokes, it was packaged just like a mascara. The wand itself looks like mascara, but the product was much lighter in brunette than my typical black mascara. In fact, the Lashem formula might be a little too light for my brows, which I’d call a medium brown. I don’t think I am getting the full effect because of this. In the photo, I’m using the product, but it looks pretty natural. I’d love to see a few more color options available!

Lashem Color Strokes Brow Tint

Lashem Color Strokes Brow Tint

A bent head on the wand might also make it a little easier to use. I’m constantly streaking product above or below my eyebrows because of the angle. It’s easy to wipe off, but a small product design change would prevent this.

While the color match wasn’t perfect, it definitely wasn’t so bad that anyone would notice, and you can still use the product to help shape and tame your eyebrows. Since it uses a brush applicator, I can skip brushing my browse, which I usually do. The product also keeps them in place over the day. If you use more, your eyebrows will definitely feel a little cakey, so I try to opt for a little less product because I don’t want it flaking off over the day.

To be fair, I haven’t experienced any flaking or smudging once is dries, which is great. I have yet to see how this product wil

Brows done with Colour Tint

Brows done with Colour Tint

l fair in the snow or rain, however!

Lashem’s Colour Strokes is advertised as shaping, tinting and filling in, but I’m not so sure how well it works with the latter. Because it’s a product that applies to your existing eyebrows, it will give you the illusion of volume but won’t actually fill in any bald or thin spots. Maybe the idea is that you could apply the gel directly to your skin, but it’s going to look very unnatural and unattractive IMO. For that, you’ll want to stick to a powder or liner with feathery strokes.

This new product from Lashem is certainly worth checking out if you want fuller-looking eyebrows that are tamed, but it’s not exactly a miracle cure for all your eyebrow woes. You can save 30% with coupon BROW30BB at the Lashem site!

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