LED Color Changing Stainless Steel Hand Shower [Followup Review]

Date Sat, August 23 2014
LED Color Changing Stainless Steel Hand Shower

LED Color Changing Stainless Steel Hand Shower

I wanted to let you all know how things have been going with the hand shower head I was able to review from DX Mall. At the time, I had tested the lights but didn’t have a hand shower to do any more testing. Thankfully, a friend was getting rid of his and let me have it.

Installation was as easy as threading the hand shower and shower head together. As soon as I turned on the shower, it turned on. As I guessed, the light is almost always green because of the temperature at which I like my showers. I can turn it up and it will switch to blue, but I can’t even turn the heat high enough to get to red, so I think the temperature LED settings should be adjusted.

I do like the shower head itself. It’s higher quality than the generic one in my shower. It has a really nice flow and even though I’d love to see more colors, the sheen of blue or green in the shower is awesome. ┬áThere are only 3 LEDs so it’s not bright enough to shave, but I can use just the light of the shower head if I’m only taking a quick shower.

One of the LED lights on my unit flickers in and out, however. Of course, this makes it less bright, but it’s also pretty noticeable if you’re looking at it. For something that costs less than $16, this might not seem like a big deal.

I do worry that eventually all the LEDs will burn out. I guess I could just use it as a regular shower head, but it would be awesome if we could somehow replace them.

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