Lemon Venom Slimming Formula by Beautiful Nutrition

Date Wed, February 18 2015
lemon venom slimming formula

Lemon Venom Slimming Formula

My last experience with a dietary supplement wasn’t so positive. Just under a year ago, I tried one and really saw little — if any — progress. However, I decided to give this type of product another go when I had the chance to review Beautiful Nutrition’s Lemon Venom Slimming formula supplement.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel much in terms of appetite control. I still became hungry on my regular schedule, and I didn’t seem any less hungry. However, taking one of these supplement pills is a great excuse for drinking a glass of water. If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking water is a must. Plus, it’s good fro your hair and skin, anyway!

Like most supplements, the capsules were a bit large, so you might have trouble if you don’t like large pills. There’s the slightest lemon taste, but mostly it was the plastic capsule taste, which I can give or take. The Amazon reviews really give the impression that the Lemon Venom drink packets aren’t very flavorful, so I think these would be the easier option.

So while I didn’t notice appetite control, did I notice any slimming? Honestly, yes! While I normally get ready for the pounds to pack on during the winter, I haven’t experienced this. If anything, I think I might be continuing weight loss I pushed for last summer. Granted, this winter has been mild and I’ve been able to continue being active, but Lemon Venom seems to have helped kick it into gear.

Now, we’re not talking losing multiple dress sizes, but all my jeans that were snug are now comfortable. The comfortable ones are getting a bit too big, and I am looking to move down a size. Can’t complain with that, right?! I did even skip some days when I first began taking the capsules because I became sick. I wish I took some before and after photos, but it totally slipped my mind.

The active ingredient in this is Garcinia Cambogia, which you’ll find in many dietary supplements. It’s best when added to a healthy diet and exercise, and it can help cut belly fat and slim your waist. You’ll likely see less impressive results if you’re not being otherwise healthy.

This might not be the product for everyone, especially if you’re avoiding caffeine. These supplements contain  100mg caffeine per serving, which is one pill daily.

Right now, you can buy Lemon Venom at Amazon as well as other retailers. Amazon sells it for $20, but you can clip a $2 coupon for greater savings.

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