Let It Rain!

Date Tue, September 30 2008

I really have nothing but good to tout about the Peerless 5 Spray Shower Head. It totally transformed my shower for less than $20. Before, where the water fell straight down from the shower, I actually have a spray that shoots out and I don’t have to stand right next to the wall. This also eliminates the leaking into the bathroom floor.

Although I originally was not fond of how it looked (ours is black), it really has grown on me. Ryan initially liked it because he thought it looked really nice and I now agree.

The features (like a massage spray) are really something we weren’t even looking for when we headed into Wal-mart (where we bought it). They’re definitely nice, easy to use and really add value to this shower head.

This was also easy to put on. I believe Ryan only used a wrench to replace the old shower head with this one and it didn’t take very long at all.

I was really surprise with how much this improved my shower experience, especially at such a great price. I only hope I’ll have as easy a time if I ever need bathroom faucets.

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