Life Just Got a Little Bit Easier

Date Fri, September 26 2008

Since moving, I’ve used a couple of products that have really been a life saved.

One of which is the Swiffer Duster. There are several pieces in this line, the regular duster and the one with the Extendable Handle, which is what I got. It extends up to 3 feet so it makes it easy to get those hard to reach places. But what makes the Swiffer Duster such an improvement over a regular feather duster or rag is that the dust cloths are made from the same lint-attracting material as other Swiffer products. Instead of just pushing around the dust, the Swiffer duster actually collects it and removes it from the surface.

With 2 refills (actually, I think mine had more), the Swiffer dusters themselves are easy to use. Shake them out to fluffy them up, slide them on the hand and you’re ready to go.

The nice thing about the extendable handle is that it pivots so you can set it an an angle to dust the top of something tall, like an entertainment center or perhaps even a ceiling fan.

I found these really do pick up dust well and make the job a breeze. If there’s 1 thing I’m not so fond about it’s that the refills are relatively flat, not round like many feather dusters, so there’s only 2 sides to use. However, Swiffer has a new 360 Duster that should do the trick for that.

Helpful Hint: When dusting with a dry duster, light candles. They will not only freshen up the room and add atmosphere but will also burn up any dust in the air.

The other is a pack of Medium sized hooks with Command Adhesive by 3M. It might sound silly that I would review something so small, so simply but it’s also so effective.

I bought a 6Pack of Medium Command Hooks which came with 12 adhesive strips so that you can reuse the hooks. This is perfect when you don’t have any air tools and don’t want to leave a mess.

Right now I’m using 3 of them in my cook/shoe closet to hang up my broom, Swiffer and the previously mentioned Swiffer Duster. Because I have no space in my pantry and no other kitchen closet, I had to shove these items in my coat closet. However, the floor was already full of shoes so I decided to “build up” instead.

Peel off the line on the adhesive strips, stick it to the hook, stick the hook on the wall and wait an hour. The medium sized hooks are meant to hold up to 3lbs but 3M makes hooks as small as mini and as large as jumbo as well as hooks with different shapes and even chrome hooks to add a little style.

So far, I’ve had no problems. The hooks stick wonderfully and my Swiffer Wet is probably over the 3lb limit (although the fluid bottle is not full).

When it comes time to take them down, all I need to do is push up on the hook and it will slide off, revealing the end of the adhesive tab. Removing them, which I have done before, is simply a matter of pulling the tab until it comes undone and your wall is free of damage and residue.

Helpful Hint: When organizing in a small space, build up rather than out.

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