Light Up the Night

Date Sat, December 27 2008

We didn’t buy very many things this year as far as Christmas decor. Wal-mart was a disappointment when it came to products and frustrating in terms of how many other customers were around. Target was slightly more successful although no less busy. (The checkout lines were insane when we first entered). We also managed to get quite a few items on sale. Unfortunately, they were also already sold out of a lot of stock by the time we got there so we didn’t manage to get more than 1 set of lights and 1 light up window decoration.

However, I really like the lights. I was initially wary of buying a Faceted Light Set because I wasn’t fond of the flame tip shape (sort of tear drop with a pointed end) but it has really since grown on me. I especially love how the faceted lights – which include red, pink, blue, yellow and green bulbs – appear. They leave a kaleidoscope-like pattern on the wall which looks amazing when the colours blend together. (I am kicking myself for not being able to find my camera!)

The lights come in strands of 45 and each bulb has a small clip on it to help put it up. I simply draped outs over the curtain rod and let it hang down over the window so I didn’t need any further tools. I actually didn’t notice the hooks at first but I think they could be extremely useful.

These lights are extremely bright and easy to see. They’re hung in our bedroom and we definitely have to unplug them or else we’ll get no sleep.

These lights are a nice addition to our Christmas decor. The colours and light patterns are gorgeous and I’m glad we snagged the last box.

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