LinkSys Wireless-G Router and Adapter

Date Sat, June 21 2008

The other Linksys router I’ve used, and recall more fondly, is a wireless router. The WRT54G Wireless-G Router by Linksys was the rather unattractive blue and black model (although there are newer models which look much nicer). We used it alongside Linksys’ Wireless-G adapter as my roommate was using a desktop with no wireless card.

My computer, as the master still had one wire connecting to the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router which, in turn, was connected to the modem why was connected to the phone jack. The adapter plugged into my roommate’s USB port.

I recall that installation was really easy. One can either use the setup wizard software provided on the disc or go to address of the Linksys web utility. I used to software and it was easy enough for me, someone who had never used a router before, to figure out on my own. It included options like securing the network with a password, something I recommend to all. An unsecured network can lead to others leeching your connection, the least possible result is a slower connection and the worst is a hike in your internet bill!

Use is also easy. After all your cables are plugged in, the appropriate lights should turn green to indicate that the Linksys WRT54G Router is powered on, there is an internet connection and that connection is being fed correctly to each connected system.

At the master computer, I had virtually no problems and any I did have were easily solved by resetting the Linksys WRT54G Router by the button on the back of the piece. However, my roommate had more problems than I did. The network usually worked well across a space of 25 – 40 feet (I’m not a great guesser) but obsessionally she would not have any connection while mine was fine. Sometimes this situation would remedy itself and others I would reset the wireless router, reboot my computer or physically unhook the router and modem to fix the issue. Sometimes this did not help and we simply had to wait for the issue to sort itself out.

Now, I’m pretty confident that this wasn’t an issue with my connection because, at the time, it was very fast and very reliable. Furthermore, I had few issues at the master computer. It seems that Linksys wireless options are at the low end of the spectrum and while this was only mildly irritating for us, for someone who requires constant uptime or fast connections, the Linksys WRT4G Wiress-G Router may not be the way to go.

However, it is readily available and, if you find rebates, quite affordable. I think we ended up spending about $40 for the pair from Best Buy via a mail in rebate. For that price, I can’t really complain.

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