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Date Wed, January 2 2013

This is a post about cat poop. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s something I deal with because I love my cats. It’s the sole reason some people aren’t cat people. They say “eww” as they change their baby’s organic diaper and throw that shit, literally, into the wash with the rest of their clothes. Yea, and my cats are gross. But I digress.

It’s not exactly pleasant. Before the Litter Genie, I was scooping every day into Walmart bags and taking them out to the dumpster. Not exactly.. classy, but you do what you gotta do, right?  So the Litter Genie sounded like a good idea, like it would make dealing with this whole unfortunately less a little bit less.. unfortunate and messy. I was hopeful. If you’re a parent and have tried a Diaper Genie, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Hopeful and then maybe not so hopeful.

I’ll explain.

The Litter Genie is like a square trash can. It’s got a top that connects with a hinge, so you can press a button and pull the top back to open up. The top also have a smaller hinged cover. When it’s closed, you open this and scoop your kitty litter into the base of the can, which will hold the special genie bag. Aside from the specially-formulated plastic, there’s also a little tray that slides in on a spring mechanism. Litter falls onto this first, you slide it out to dump it into the actual bottom of the can and let it slide back in for when it’s not in use. This stops the smell from coming out — and it does a good job at that.

When you first get a Litter Genie, there’s a couple accessories inside so you open the hatch and then hook a scooper holder on the side and put the scooper it. There’s also what the manufacturer calls a cartridge with the bags in it. The cartridge is donut-like without a center, so the bag hangs down to the bottom of the Litter Genie — except it’s not actually a bag. It’s a tube of plastic, and you have to tie off the end to make the bag. This isn’t rocket science, but I guess I didn’t consider that when I first tied it.

You need to tie a knot strong enough to hold several pounds of cat crap, guys.

Otherwise, if you don’t, you’re going to put it up, the bottom will fall out and your bathroom floor with be covered in..







It would make much more sense to actually give us bags and seal the end. In fact, I have more suggestions on that, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Pull out the shelf to let the matter fall into the bag

Pull out the shelf to let the matter fall into the bag

Once your bag is set up, you put the top and open the smaller cover, you can scoop into the Litter Genie. The scooper is quite wide, and while there’s no reason you can’t use a different one, the opening is only slightly wider. So you have to really line it up. The top is slightly concave so any loose litter particles will slide into the bin, but I wish there was a little more room. Plus, you can only fill the opening left above that sliding “shelf.” I have to do this at least twice when I scoop every other day. Then I have to sort of jiggle the whole thing to get the poop to fall down. If you have more than two cats, there is no way in hell this system is going to work for you. I mean, you can flip open the top and do it that way, but that will give you a face full of smell.

According to the package — the Litter Genie came with a paperboard wrapper; yay for no unnecessary packaging — a refill should last you two months. I’ve already used two bags from it in about a month with two cats. I’m thinking I won’t have much more plastic left after I empty it out the next time. When your bin is full, you pull a little slack in the bag and use a safety cutter that’s in the canister. Then you tie up the bag.. and walk a compacted package of cat poop to your trash. It’s kinda bizarre  Needless to say, I am scared of my knots breaking after my first experience.

So I really don’t like the refills at all. You wind up with plastic to toss out or recycle. You’ll probably wind up with an odd measurement of plastic given the way you need to tie it. The knots bother me, and it’s at least $10 for the replacement. When I was ‘starting’ the plastic and pulling it out, I couldn’t get a single layer, which meant some wound up wasted because I couldn’t stuff the extra back when I actually found the correct end.

I wish they made plastic bags like grocery sacks so that you loop them over the sides. Then, you would have the option of using those free bags, instead of spending at least $10 on the replacements every two months or less. It would cut into the company’s bottom line, but I think people would be more likely to buy the actual Litter Genie if it were slightly more versatile.

I mean, it really takes care of the smell, but the “convenience” of this thing takes a lot of effort. The knot tying, replacement buying, careful carrying of so much cat poop to your trash? Sometimes I change my life because of an awesome product, but the changes

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  1. Jenn January 2 2013 @ 10:28 am

    I’m actually going to be reviewing this — and the Litter Locker — this week, as we have six cats, thus a litter box AND a cat litter poop trash can in each bathroom.

    Psst… YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN BAGS INSTEAD OF THE PRICEY REFILLS. I buy rolls of 8g trash bags from Target for about…$5? Something like that. I forget the brand, but the bags are unscented, rain (blue) or mountain (green) scented. There’s at least 100 of them on the roll. SO MUCH MORE WORTH IT, and almost as easy to use.

    P.S. Sorry if this comment seems kind of all over the place… loopy from meds.

  2. Jenn January 2 2013 @ 10:58 am bags

  3. Cole January 2 2013 @ 7:47 pm

    Thanks for the comment. I forgot about those little trash bags, but there’s no super convenient way to use them in the system, IMO. It’s going to be even less convenient than this already is — which isn’t at all. Are there any differences between the genie and locker..?

  4. Christie January 2 2013 @ 7:48 pm


  5. Jenn January 2 2013 @ 8:12 pm


    The Locker is a little better built, not quite as tall as the Genie; and for using regular plastic bags or small garbage bags, it’s easier to put into place (you need to lift the “lip” of the silver part of the Genie to put in trash bags or refills; with the Locker you just pull off the top piece, as it fits on like a “cap”), but other than that, they’re very similar.

  6. Cole January 4 2013 @ 2:37 am

    I may just try that when I run out. Thanks!

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