Date Tue, May 18 2010

It’s no secret that I love the LOLCats and almost every other site on the Cheezburger network so it should come as no surprise that I have purchased something from the LOLMart (the official Cheezburger store).

Now, the regular store has shirts and toys and stuffed animals all within the theme of LOLs but the purchase I made was their shirt of the day. This concept is really unique. You see, periodically, they release a new custom shirt based on one of the popular LOLs that has been on the Cheezburger sites but these shirts are only available for a limited time (although, it usually seems to be longer than 24 hours). The Shirt of the Day page has a countdown to let customers know how long the shirt will be available.

And I appreciate that ’cause I didn’t know if I wanted to buy the shirt. I’m a little indecisive and the Catnarok shirt I bought taunted me until I made the purchase. And I’m glad I did. The shirt of the day deal only costs $15, which includes standard shipping. The FAQ says shirts will arrive “within 2 weeks” but I’m pretty sure mine took less than a week which is awesome.

Because the shirts are created specifically for the customer, you cannot exchange or return them. Make sure to check the sizing chart. I did and ordered the same size I usually order for women’s cut/babydoll T-shirts. A lot of the shirts I buy online use Bella shirts but LOLMart does not. The cut was a bit narrower and noticeably longer than I am used to. On certain bodies, this isn’t a good thing but it wasn’t problematic for me. I did notice the material (100% Ringspun Cotton) it thinner than I am used to. The combination of cut and fabric might be a good reason to order up but I got lucky.

Anyway, my shirt arrived and the design looks awesome in the purple and white print. Now that I’m used to the fit, I love it.

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