L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes

Date Wed, October 12 2011

L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes MascaraI’ve had the same tube of mascara for, like, four years. Maybe longer. No lie. It’s probably full of bacteria by now which is exactly why I decided to purchase a new one. I would have simply replaced the one I was using – I like it well enough – but Rimmel no longer makes it. So it was off to hunt some reasonably priced mascara and the solution I decided on was Loreal’s Double Extend Beauty Tubes.

The entire Double Extend line consists of double-ended tubes. One end is a primer, the other a mascara. The Beauty Tubes is a specific fomula that uses a polymer that shrinks and encases each lsh, rather than spreading and oil-based “paint” on it. I thought the idea sounded interesting. It’s apparently big in Europe and helps to eliminate the issue of waterproofing mascara. I guess it never caught on over here because women see the tubes wash down the drain and are afraid they’re losing their lashes. Or so they say.

The reviews are all over the place it seems. Some people absolutely loved the product and others thought it was awful. I bought my tube from Amazon for a reasonable price and quickly wanted to try it out. I first discovered that the primer is white and goopy. From the get-go, it gives my lashes a spider-like appearance. I hated it. But then you have to try to cover it all up with the mascara itself and that doesn’t bode well for the already forming spider lashes.

If I roughly brushed out my lashes after it dried – no doubt doing some damage in the process – my lashes looked pretty good, though. The effect was much more dramatic than my previous mascara and the formula seemed to aid curling. I have ridiculously fine hair and eye lashes so I didn’t mind this. My eyes really seemed to open up more.

I wasn’t ready to give up but I wasn’t ready to be yanking on my eyelashes every day. It wasn’t worth the effort or pain so I took another look at the reviews after my first few failed attempts and saw that others agreed with me about the spider lashes – but not many. After seeing that a few women had given up using the primer, I decided to go that, route too. Perhaps the primer was the main issue.

So I’ve been using L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes without the primer and I like it a lot better. The primer is the main culprit when it comes to the clumping and I can use fewer coats, thus reduce the possibility of spider lashes, when I don’t have to try to cover up the white primer. Honestly, whoever devises white primers is a moron.

The result is a smoother lash with a bit of curl and more length. I don’t necessarily need length because my eyes are pretty deep set and there’s not a lot of room for it but it doesn’t look bad. This mascara doesn’t offer much in the way of volume, which would be great, but each lash is super define. After it dries, it feels slightly plasticy but my lashes are still flexible and don’t break.

I haven’t had any raccoon eye issues from bleeding during use and I’ve had the occur even with waterproof mascaras so this one is great if you’re like me. Washing requires a little soap and water but it does not come off in actual tubes. It sort of flakes off. In fact, if I wear it to sleep – I’m awful about that, I know – and rub my eyes in the morning, it will crumble off a little. This probably isn’t a 24-hour mascara because of that very act. Crumbly mascara under your eyes isn’t much better than raccoon eyes; although, it is easier to clear away in my experience.

I’m a little disappointed that I essentially only got 50% of my money’s worth because I won’t be using the primer. If L’Oreal isn’t going to create a better primer, I would much rather purchase just the mascara and feel like I got a better deal. However, knowing not to use the primer, I will probably keep buying this product as long as they make it.

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