L’Oreal’s New Eye Make-Up

Date Mon, April 4 2011

Truth be told, my make-up routine has been, well routine, for quite some time. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s effective. It’s probably what some would call boring and it’s a far cry from the ton(nes!) of make-up and styles I flaunted in high school. So when BzzAgent posted their new campaign for L’oreal, I was definitely interesting–both because the products are functionally different than my usual but also because they would change up my beauty routine.

Let’s start with the awesome!

L’OrĂ©al Paris The One Sweep Eye Shadow is not only catered toward your specific eye color (mine are green but you better have known that!) but is intended to require minimal time and effort because, as the name suggests, you only have to sweep the applicator over each eye once. Unlike other color-based palettes, One Sweep eye shadow offers three complimentary shades in a rainbow-esque pot, instead of separating all the colors. I received the Natural color palette for green eyes. L’Oreal has included a curved, foam applicator that you sweep over the colors, picking up a bit of each shade. You then apply by sweeping the applicator from your inner to outter eye. The end result is a darker shade toward your lash-line as the color increases in brightness toward your brows.

The One Sweep Eye Shadow, Natural Green

The One Sweep Eye Shadow, Natural Green

Because of the unique shape, you must use the other side of the applicator to apply the shadow to your other eye in the correct order but it’s really quite easy. Easy but not perfect. I usually have to touch up near my inner eye, toward the lash-line. The applicator tends to miss a bit but the curved design actually provides a slightly pointed tip that works well for those touch-ups. I also find it works well to use the eye shadow as liner.

I also use the upper edge of the applicator to apply up to my brow because the one-sweep just doesn’t quite cut it. It’s still much easier than applying three separate shadows, however. I also find the blending to be fairly decent. The overall time and effort is greatly reduced and, because I am an impatient person, I would definitely recommend this to others like myself. I also don’t find myself wasting time cleaning up. This eye shadow doesn’t flake or crumble as much as other powdered shadows I have tried.

I find the overall presentation to be a bit underwhelming. This is a very subtle look and some might find it a bit too bland, even for daily wear (and even when wearing Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath). It’s definitely not the striking, night-time look that some women will prefer and they may opt for the playful palettes, instead. I don’t think I would be going out on a limb to say that most users will feel the same because the natural palettes are so similar. They all just feature shades of brown, taupe, mauve, tan et cetera. While this doesn’t look bad on my green eyes, it doesn’t highlight the color as much as my normal light pink/medium brown eye shadow routine.

Still, it’s a good product if not great.

But my praise pretty much ends there because the other L’Oreal product I had a chance to test for this BzzAgent campaign didn’t blow my mind. Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara is intended to lengthen lashes while it highlights your eye color. It’s the first double-ended mascara that I have had an opportunity to use.

The first wand applies a base coat of tinted-black mascara. “Tinted black” does sound quite odd, I admit. L’Oreal has crafted “Black Bronze” for green eyes and “Black Copper” for blue eyes. Generally, the mascara is tinted toward the wearer’s eye color but, in person, it looked pretty black to me. The wand is your basic bristle style, which I hadn’t used in a while, and now I remember why: this wand style sucks. The base mascara feels thick and gummy and gives a sloppy, spidery impression–unless you spend all your time scraping the majority of the product off the wand. When I did that, the result was nicer but the mascara still felt gummy and almost wet even after it dried. Although it did make my lashes appear noticeably longer, it wasn’t attractive when coupled with the clumpy look.

Double Extend Illuminator Mascara

Double Extend Illuminator Mascara

Needless to say, the second layer didn’t go on as nicely. Even if the base were super smooth, glitter doesn’t have a tendency to glide on very well, anyway, and the second wand is mostly a colored, glittery topcoat. After first pass, I found the look to be a little too subtle but another sweep with the wand produced a very distracting result. I kept seeing glitter out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t wait to take this off. It’s definitely too much for a day look.

I didn’t necessarily think that L’Oreal’s Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara improved upon my natural eye color and I wouldn’t be recommending it to a friend anytime soon. I also think the product design itself is bit poor. The tube isn’t flat on either end so, when using, you have to set it down on its side and hope it doesn’t roll around. I’d really like to rest it on one end, instead.

Furthermore, I found the design of the glitter wand to be awkward and pointless. Instead of straight bristles, it billows out toward a spherical end but this really doesn’t help me. Perhaps because my eyes are so small, but I just found that the sphere gets in my way.

If I have one positive to say about this product, it’s that while it may not be waterproof, it does stay on quite well throughout the day.

If you’re in the make-up aisle, skip the mascara but consider getting the eye shadow. You can get a $2 off coupon from L’Oreal’s website.

Thanks to BzzAgent for this opportunity!

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