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Date Wed, June 5 2013
Open Games -- up to 7

Open Games — up to 7

Lucky Wheels for Friends has become my go-to social game on my phone. I’d previously been playing another Wheel of Fortune-like game, but like this app far better. Fewer of my friends actually play it,but that’s okay. The game limits you to seven matches at once, which I find actually helps me keep tabs on everything. Otherwise, I’d likely wind up playing Lucky Wheel for Friends 2/47 for the rest of my life.

Like other social games, you can start games with random opponents, from your Facebook friends list or by email. I had no trouble logging in via Facebook to start games, but I’m now playing with random users.

You start with just a few categories, and as you earn money/points and win matches, more become available. Lucky Wheel differs in that you can’t choose from every category you’ve unlocked. The first three categories, if I recall correctly, are Everyday Activities, Capital Cities and Quotes. I’ve since unlocked categories such as love, celebrities, historical events, TV shows and more. You don’t get to “buy” new categories like you would in SongPop, for example, but the app unlocks predetermined categories. They’re likely associated with your rank, and random matches pair you up with someone of a similar rank.

Spin and Guess

Spin and Guess

As you try to guess each phrase, you spin the on-screen wheel. Every once in a while, the wheel seems to stick and tells me that I’m spinning in the wrong direction, but this isn’t a big deal. You can guess either consonants or vowels, both of which earn you points/money. However, you have to “pay” diamonds to guess vowels. You earn these gems every time you win a match or the wheel spins on them.  Each turn, you spin the regular wheel until you go bankrupt, get a “break” (your turn ends but you keep your money) or you solve. Whenever you land on a diamond, it adds to your loot and you can spin again. You can also spin again as long as you guess correctly.

At the end of  each turn, a smaller wheel appears with a bonus. You might earn diamonds, another free spin or more points. All of the points you earn gets added together, and when you reach certain amounts, you level up. Each level, you get an “item” such as a tablet. When you get all the items in a group, you get new categories. I’m currently level 16 and rank 10. While my rank can drop, my level won’t.

Each round consists of five matches unless someone quits. The matches do not end with a “new” week. However, quitting means you lose a star in your rank. You can actually lose rank if you lose matches or quit enough. As you win matches, you earn stars, and five stars gets you a new rank, which rewards you with new categories. When it’s your turn to pick categories, you choose one of three for free or surrender diamonds for the others you’ve unlocked. You can also pay with diamonds to get extra spins.

Category Choices

Category Choices

Honestly, writing a review is a little complex because it deviates from other apps, but Lucky Wheel is actually more interesting because of it. As long as you keep playing, you’ll keep reaping the rewards. It’s one of those things that makes more sense when you’re actually playing it, and even if you don’t like the app, it’s free and you can uninstall it.

Plus, I just prefer the interface. It’s slick and not riddled with ads, which is nice. Apps like Dice with Buddies make you look at ads after every roll of the dice, which means I’m spending so much time in the app just to play my next turn. While there’s a small app on the games list screen and a large, timed after after you get caught up with all your current games, it feels much less intrusive.

The app runs pretty well, but I notice some lag when I’m running quite low on memory, so I usually run my task killer after.

Lucky Wheel is available for both Android and iPhone users. I’ve been playing for a few weeks, now, and there’s been a couple updates so that’s a good sign, too.

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  1. Val September 8 2013 @ 8:18 pm

    I have trouble with Lucky Wheel because my opponents are not being notified of being next, they have sent me messages “your next” but I’m waiting on them. Right now no one has responded in hours. I think it’s a glitch. I don’t want to restart my game. I have been playing these people for 3 weeks now

  2. Marty February 20 2016 @ 6:33 pm

    Still won’t let me download on my android

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