Mainstays Apples and Berries Votive Candle

Date Tue, March 26 2013
Mainstays Apples & Berries Candle

Mainstays Apples & Berries Candle

For the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying this candle that I only spent $2 or so on. Unfortunately, the exact candle isn’t listed on Wal-mart’s website, but you can find others in the same scent but different sizes. I bought mine in a glass container much like a larger votive. It’s listed as 6 ounces, and the wax is bright red.

I loved the smell in the container itself. Apples & Berries is definitely appley. I don’t know if it smells like berries or any particular berry, but it’s very fruity. A friend suggested it smelled pear-like, and I love that combination. The product description lists “wild berries and blackberries,” but it’s sweeter than a blackberry really.

The smell is easy to detect when it’s burning. If I leave the apartment and come back, I can smell it. It’s good for my living room and kitchen, which are open. It doesn’t infiltrate every room, but it’s a little candle.

I’ve had this list for well over fifteen hours, and it’s got a little bit left in it. While the wick seems almost empty, it just keeps burning. My estimate is probably on the low end, though. I haven’t been paying attention, but I’ve let it burn for six hours at a time on several occasions.

It seems to burn fairly clean, too. I haven’t noticed the wick breaking off or soot in the wax. However, it doesn’t burn evenly. As I’m nearing the end, one side of the candle hasn’t melted at all. It would be nice if this candle burned a little more evenly.

I would definitely buy this product or other Mainstays products in this scent again. It’s available as a fragrance set with diffuser oil as well as a candle value pack. Wal-mart sells votives, tealights and jar candles, too. The prices are all just a few dollars for individual  candles of the smaller sizes. It’s a great value when compared to anything from PartyLite or Yankee Candle. A comparable candle from Yankee Candle costs over $15 — eeps! The 20 ounce jar of this scent is $5 at Walmart.

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