Make Money Online: Context Links

Date Mon, October 27 2008

As I cleaned out my Javascripts last night, one of which was causing the redirect error and several of which were unnecessary and slowing down loading time, I was thinking about what they are. Some were more for data than function and most were for ads. I thought I’d put up a concise comparison of some of the services I have used to try to generate revenue through context/inline links (in the future I will do the same for banner ads, too).

A context link is a link automatically generated for a keyword you use by the service. Words like Website and Service tend to frequently be content links but you might be surprised at some of them. I like this method because it requires less effort from me. (=

Kontera‘s ContentLink service has been my favourite so far. It generates more links than the other inline services I have tried (usually around 8) and you can set the link colour so it better blends in with the site. I even find the results generated to be of a higher quality and the hover is pretty sleek looking, in my mind. I don’t even mind the double underlined links. Kontera provides link analysis as well so, if you wanted, you could use better keywords although I think it works well with natural language. Although I’ve been with ContentLink for shorter than many services I have tried, I have the most earnings from it in terms of inline ads.

Linkworth‘s LinkWords is the service I think I have been with for the longest. I only ever experience 1 or 2 contextual links on my site, always the same words. Needless to say, I have no made much money from them. Perhaps my site is not the best for that service. Although the links are more customizeable than most services, I found the javascript and hover to both lag. LinkWords was also the JS which was causing my refreshing issues so I have side it’s not worth the hassle and done away with it.

For a short while I tried Amazon‘s context links but, as it turns out, they don’t work very well. I never had a single link show up and it seems like this isn’t the best idea because you’d probably need very precise keywords for it to work. It seems that Amazon realized this, too, because I can no longer find the link.

AdBrite, like Kontera, is a fairly big name in the context link game so it is a shame that it is so poor. I used it in the beginning, before trying Kontera, but the ugly green links really turned me off. I’m sure you recognize them, too. It seems there is no way to customize the inline links from AdBrite which is a shame. However, I think the hover bar tends to be much better looking than LinkWords does and I had more success with the number of inline links which showed up. I would be willing to try AdBrite once more, though.

Overall, my best experience has been with Kontera’s ContentLink and I will continue to use it. Although I am no where Enar close to making enough money to live off of, it’s something a little extra to put in my pocket and, as my site grows and I transfer to my own domain, I hope things look up even more.

Of course, these are not the only services which offer context links.

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