Make Your Own Diffuser

Date Thu, January 15 2009

I really enjoy shopping at Pier 1 Imports for different home items. Whether I’m looking for seasonal items (I once bought my mom Christmas tree icicles at Pier 1) or general home decor (we bought a gorgeous leaf detailed mirror for our apartment), I know that they have a ton of variety in styles and the items all seem like one of a kind, even if they actually aren’t. I don’t get to shop there as much as I would like, however. The prices tend to be a little steep. Still, there are plenty of affordable things if you know where to look.

For example, when I was shopping for a refill to use with our diffuser (I had to dump the oil when we move )=), we checked out a few places but very few of them carried refill oil by itself or, if they did, the scents were not appealing. Pier 1 has a lot of options when it comes to diffusers and what I really like about the store is that have testers out so you can smell almost ever scent.

We looked at several lines/brands or kits and settled on buying a bottle of oil from what appears to be Pier 1’s store brand: “Make Your Own Diffuser”. Although we didn’t need a bottle, they were having a sale and we bought a great little bottle for a great price. We also added some basic reeds (because the ones we have are scented with the previously oil). Pier 1 carries several styles of ‘reeds’ from the basic sticks which we picked to more intricate styles. While it wasn’t out intent to buy a whole new kit, we did. (Now we do have an extra empty bottle which I should use for something else).

From the line, we bought a 16 FL ounce bottle of Island Orchard scented oil. In the two or so months which we’ve had this oil, we have used less than a third of it (the bottle is about 2/3 full and I just refilled our diffuser). The diffuser bottle which we have is fairly small so it will use less oil than larger bottles.

I love the scent: it’s a bit tropical and a lot apple. In the air, the scent smells exactly like it does in the bottle. With the previous oil I had, it did seem like the fragrance was better in the bottle than in the air and it had a particular alcoholic scent. However, Pier 1’s diffuser oil does not smell like alcohol. There is not an ingredient list on the bottle, however. It does say it is flammable but it would be nice to know everything which is in there.

I set up the reed diffuser on a lamp shelf in the corner of my bedroom. It definitely smelled good but wasn’t as strong as I would have liked, originally. If you were standing right next to it, it was easier to smell but you would probably not notice it if you were across the room, sadly. Occasionally, I would just be lying in bed or in the room and get a whiff of it which made me smile but I wanted it to be stronger. So, when I refilled the bottle a few days ago, I also flipped over the reeds which does seem to have made the scent a bit stronger but not much. It’s a shame because it’s usually so hard for me to find scents I really like and I wish this one were stronger.

Even though I really like this product, I would probably buy something else in the future. For $15, I think I could purchase a different oil which would be stronger. Nevertheless, Pier 1 does have a lot of great options for packaged reed diffuser kits as well as individual supplies if you need to replenish or want sometihng more unique.

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