Mary Lambert “Heart on My Sleeve”

Date Wed, October 15 2014

I’ve known about Mary Lambert for a few weeks now. I first heard her song “Secrets” on Youtube, and it stuck with me. I don’t love the song, but I really liked the message, and I think she’s beautiful! I was excited to hear Mary get airplay on my local pop radio station.

I was definitely interested in hearing the rest of her music, so I jumped on board when One2One offered an opportunity for me to review the CD. So I received a digital download of “Heart on My Sleeve” in exchange for my honest reviews. Thanks, One2One!

Before this project, I had heard Mary Lambert, but I didn’t know her name. I bet you heard her, too! She wrote and sang the hook on Macklemore’s “Same Love.” Sound familiar?

In “Heart on My Sleave,” Mary is taking on her solo career as a singer and songwriter, and the result is an album that’s genuine and depicts an authentic voice. With the lead single, “Secretcs,” Mary shows how she is as normal, vulnerable and weird as the rest of us, but she’s not going to let it get her down.

Check out the song in the video above. However, don’t pass Mary Lambert bye if you’re not a fan of the video. See, I didn’t think it was catchy enough, nor was I a fan of the way she used her voice. I’m  super glad that I gave the rest of the CD a listen, though.

Mary’s songwriting talent and authenticity shine in “Heart on My Sleeve.”  Lambert has written or cowritten all the lyrics and music on this album, which has the following tracklist.

  1. Secrets [Explicit]
  2. So Far Away
  3. Ribcage [feat. K.Flay]
  4. Dear One
  5. When You Sleep
  6. Chasing The Moon
  7. Jessie’s Girl
  8. Monochromatic
  9. Heart On My Sleeve
  10. Wounded Animal
  11. Sum Of Our Parts
  12. Sing To Me
  13. Assembly Line
  14. Sum Of Our Parts (Alternate Version)

The 14-track version is actually the deluxe version and not the one I received. This is a bummer because I would love to hear the alternate version of “Sum of Our Parts,” which is a my favorite track an a song with a wonderful melody. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the followup single. I love the lyrics:

We we, we are

more than our scars

we are, we are

more than the sum of our parts

My copy also didn’t include “Assembly Line,” which I really like the sound of on Amazon, or “Sing to Me.” I like Assembly Line’s jazzy feel, which is something Mary does in several songs on this album. Perhaps the most notable jazz-inspired tune is a cover of “Jessie’s Girl,” which a slower version of the 80s tune that everyone knows at least the chorus to. I rather enjoyed it.

Mary Lambert’s sweet voice sings out in almost all of the songs, but my other favorites would have to be the sad “So Far away” and “Chasing the Moon.” Both of those have been added to my top rated playlist on iTunes. I also like parts of “Monochromatic,” which revolves around the theme that people aren’t one dimensional. “Ribcage” is interesting, and I would like it if not for the featured rap of K. Flay. It’s just not my style, but Mary Lambert obviously isn’t afraid to play with styles.

This is perhaps most noticeable in “Dear One,” which is actually a poem spoken as word art. Mary does something similar at the end of “Sum of Our Parts.” In my mind, it indicates how closely she works to create an album that is truly representative of herself and her personality, which is nice to see. This isn’t overproduced. The songs don’t focus on autotune. They might not be what you hear in the clubs, but they’re probably resonate with most people. They certainly did with me, and I hope a few more songs get radio play so that Mary Lambert becomes a household name!

You can buy “Heart on My Sleeve” from Amazon or iTunes. Both sites allow downloads of individual songs.

I participated in the Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.  

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