Date Wed, February 1 2017

This is the last post in my Lip Week feature. Did you miss the other posts? Click here to read them all.

Let’s start the last post of Lip Week by talking about nail polish, shall we? It doesn’t take long to realize that I like shimmery and glittery polishes. I like holo shades and multichromes, which happen to be my favorite. A while back I was in a store (probably CVS) and saw that Maybelline makes a lip gloss that offers some of that color shifty goodness to your lips. What? I had to have it!

So I bought it.

The product is the Shine Shot Prismatic Topcoat, and it’s one of two products in the Shine Shot line. The other is a clear gloss, useful but definitely the less interesting of the two!

The Prismatic Topcoat is clear but it contains violet microglitter that catches the light beautifully (and cannot be felt at all on your lips). In fact, the product photos you’ll find on Maybelline’s site or at any other retailers don’t really show this selling feature at all. ¬†At first, I thought this was odd, but it turns out that it’s incredibly difficult to photograph this product.

Anyway, the result is a clear gloss that’s incredibly reflective. It catches light, indoors or sunlight, and is really noticeable. For this reason, I prefer not to use it as part of a daytime look. It’s not what I’d call “bold,” but it is definitely not natural.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch the glitter in photos when I was wearing it, and it was even hard to photograph the tube. However, the effect is unmistakable in person.

You can wear it by itself despite the name, but I prefer to layer it on top of another color. The purple-blue tint works well over many pink hues and lends a cooler sheen to reds. Although I’ve yet to wear it over a blue or purple, it takes no imagine to realize it would look great. If I had any black lip color in my collection, I’m sure this would create an iridescent vinyl effect that would be to die for.

It really lends a blue tint to Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme (bottom) and adds gloss to a pink lip stain (top).

This tube is the type with the slanted tip for applying without a wand or brush. I find that it works well. However, it might become a bit messy as you use it, and it’s a bit difficult to control the exact amount of product that you use. I also took a shortcut and used it directly from the tube over some red, and some of the colored got inside the tiny hole. Ugh!

Because it’s a gloss, the texture is quite sticky. It’s also not going to last forever. But if you’re a gloss lover like myself, this is certainly a “con” you’re willing to take along with the benefits. And Maybelline’s Shine Shot Prismatic Lip Topcoat is one of a kind, so I definitely recommend giving it a try if you think it’s a lip gloss you might like.

I’d like to thank everyone who has tuned in for all of the Lip Week posts. I hope to provide you with niche features like this in the future.

Feel free to leave comments on this or any of the other posts in this feature. I’d love to hear what you have to say?

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