Method Gel Hand Wash Refill

Date Sun, August 9 2009

gelhandwashrefillA while back I bough a bottle of Method Hand Soap at Target. Method products are all safe for people and the environment; the company hesitates to use the term natural because there’s no standards and Method products may have man-made ingredients when it is necessary (as long as those products are safe and green). Plus, products like the Gel Hand Wash Refills, also help to cut down on waste from hard plasitc bottles and even takes less energy to manufacture. In fact, Method claims the pouch used for refilling had 83% less of a carbon footprint than the rigid bottle. I’ve had 3 full refills (and maybe a bit to spare) but the one pouch of hand wash so do that make it a 249% less of an environmental impact per 3 refills? I’m not sure how the math for that goes.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Method products I’ve used. The refill pouch has a cap on the corner and it easy to use. The soap isn’t drying on my hands, if gentle enough to use on sensitive skin (even on burned skin!) and smells nice. I bought the refill in cucumber scent but, honestly, it’s just sort of green and fruity. I will say that I smelled the lavender in the store and was immediately turned off. It smelled chemically and not like lavender at all. My first Method product was pink Water Flower scent which was really enjoyable.

Unfortunately, even though there are twice as many scents listed on the Method site, Target only ever stocks a few at a time. Availability is definitely something that hinders me from using Method products more than I would. As I have no vehicle, currently, I do most of my shopping at Wal-mart and they don’t carry Method products. Even places that do carry them (like Lowe’s) only carry part of the selection so it’s quite the downer. I would definitely buy the biodegradable cleaning wipes because I use a lot of wipes in the kitchen, were they more readily available and the prices online are definitely more expensive than what Target offers.

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