Mia Mariu Cosmetics

Date Thu, September 20 2012

Let’s call this week the week where I review products from companies I’d never heard of until now. Today, it’s Mia Mariu, a brand of botanical cosmetics. I received some moisturizer, a makeup brush and loose shadows, among other samples. I was excited for the shadows specifically, because they came in pink and brown. My go-to color combination is a light pink and a darker brown, so I thought I’d I’d put them both on together. This was a really bad idea. Look at this “swatch” (my bathroom light is horrible, sorry guys!) and guess why.

Mia Mariu Eye Shadow "Rosa" and "Caramelo"

Mia Mariu Eye Shadow “Rosa” and “Caramelo”

If you guessed “because they’re both glittery, you dork”, you win. Actually, you don’t win. That would be unfair for everyone else who wants to enter this giveaway. You see, I have a strict rule that I cannot wear all glittery eye makeup. The combination was just too much. I’m not 13 and, to be honest, 13 year-olds shouldn’t even do that, okay? Okay!

So, I decided to try the pink–Rosa–and brown–Caramelo–with my existing eye shadows, instead. This worked much better. The one thing I noticed is that both shades are lighter pigmented than I’d expect. Even though the brown looks darker in that photo, it seems lighter on my eyes. I think this is because both shades contain a lot of gold in them. The shimmering just reflects light, making it appear lighter. The pink is probably a bit too light for my tastes. I do prefer a little more color. It was hard to see below my brow, at least to me. The Caramelo was a good replacement for my more neutral brown that I usually wear. Even the gold hues in it seemed to brighten things up. I rather enjoyed that look.

One thing I really liked about these loose shadows is that they come in a shaker pot. I don’t know if that’s what it’s called but, you know, it’s like a salt shaker. The picture below will illustrate better. I hate loose powders with a passion. They’re just so messy. This isn’t the case with these products, though. The shaker limits the amount of product that comes out. I find myself tapping just a pinch into the cap and swooping it up with the brush from there.

Mia Mariu Eye Shadow Pot and No 15 Brush

Mia Mariu Eye Shadow Pot and No 15 Brush

Apparently, you can mix the loose shadow with water to make it more vibrant and wear it as eyeliner. I haven’t tried that yet, but I want to, now!

I applied both with the Multipurpose Eye Color Brush No. 15 that I received. Now, I rarely use makeup brushes. I have really small eyes that are deepset, so I find it’s easier to just use my fingers. Plus, I’m kind of lazy and don’t want to have to wash and care for all those brushes. I don’t own any brushes that are angled and contoured, so anything that’s “multipurpose” is right up my alley. This brush is super soft. Like, oh my god, am I using rabbit fur? No, not really. I loved that this came with a plastic cover to keep the bristles in place and neat, but the handles too wide to slip it back on after you take it off, and I don’t know how to replace it without killing the bristles. First world problems, I know.

The brush does taper toward the end, so it’s not exactly completely boring. It worked well enough for allover coverage below my brow and on my lid, below the crease. In fact, the tip worked well to dab a little extra shadow under my lower lashes for a light liner look. Don’t want anything too drastic with those tiny eyes, now! I can actually see myself using this on a frequent basis, which says quite a lot.

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

After I played with all those looks, I had to take my eye makeup off before bed. Luckily, they sent me an entire bottle of the Mia Mariu Eye Makeup Remover. For some reason, the product is a cool bright blue. It almost matches my nail polish remover. I’ll be sure not to mix those up. There’s a label that says to shake well before using, which you’ll want to do. The ingredients separate and settle as it sits. I discovered this one day when I looked at the bottle and wondered just where all my product had gone. It was still in there, but the blue had sunk to the bottom.

I have another eye makeup remover product that uses Vitamin E as its main ingredient, so I was wary about this one. That product feels greasy, and I hate the way it feels on my skin. The remover from Mia Mariu doesn’t feel that way at all. I definitely prefer it! Plus, it’s blue!

The last product I tried was my least favorite of the bunch: the Hydrating Anti-aging Moisturizer with Spf 30+. My skin requires an extremely light moisturizer, otherwise it becomes pretty oily and I sweat a lot. Although this product is thin, it just felt too heavy on my skin. I switched back to my BB cream after four days or so. However, I love that it has SPF 30. Many products have no more than SPF 15, so this moisturizer will protect your skin for longer in the sun.

However, I think that three out of four isn’t bad at all. I’d never heard of Mia Mariu before this, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for new products and word, now. They make some adorable concealer pots that seem handy for travel.

Stay tuned for a giveaway for some awesome Mia Mariu products. Tomorrow, perhaps!

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