Micro Wireless, Optical Mouse

Date Mon, July 7 2008

My wireless, optical mouse by Micro is now a few years old. I picked it up while working at Wal-mart which places the date of purchase somewhere between 2004 and 2006; I’ll call it 2005 for the sake of ease.

Although it has some visible signs of wear – the silver coating on the exterior has worn off on places where the fingers and hand usually sit – this little electronic has proved very useful for me.

Now, the one issue I had is that this Micro mouse is not completely wireless. It has a receiver which plugs into my computers PS2/mouse port. Which also means it don’t work with any system without a PS2 port. Currently, that are many wireless mice available with just a tiny USB adapter so this is no longer an issue. Overall, it’s not a big deal because the mouse isn’t connected to any cords and that’s what matter.

I found that the speed of the optical mouse really is improved over the speed of the old “ball” style mouse I had. Furthermore, the optical mouse never gets full of dirt, pet hair and lint that needs to be cleaned out. It doesn’t seem to be quite as accurate or quick for games that require that so a traditional optical mouse would probably work better.

It’s also held up incredibly well with literally no issues. It’s important to remember that the wireless mouse will go ‘idle’ after a period of disuse and this is easily fixed by clicking a button – that simple!

Another thing to remember is that, after changing batteries, a button must be pressed on the receiver and while the green light is blinking, the ‘reset’ must be activated on the bottom of the Micro mouse. This is far from a hassle.

My biggest issue, I think, and it really affects my husband more than me is that you are frequently changing batteries. I accepted that as a given and that might be a deal breaker for some, if you’re like that, you might consider purchasing a new rechargeable style mouse.

Other than that, the only draw back is that the mouse is shaped slightly different from typical mice. It’s very egg-shaped and wide along the sides whereas other mice are narrower on the sides, this might feel a bit large or awkward for some at first but it’s a quick adjustment.

I’ll leave you with another plus and that is the Optical Wireless Mouse with Scroll Wheel PS/2 is equipped with buttons on either side that function as “back” and “forward” buttons. I use these frequently when browsing the web and love them!

Overall, the Optical Wireless Mouse with Scroll Wheel PS/2 is a good investment which stands the test of time well. Wireless mice are not the best for certain activities, like gaming, and a rechargeable, wireless mouse does not require the frequent change of batteries. Regardless, I still like my optical, wireless mouse by Micro.

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