More Like a Lack of Control

Date Tue, September 9 2008

Since writing my initial review for this product, I have become increasingly disappointed.

To begin with,the formula is very watery and thin. I prefer something a little thicker and this didn’t feel like it stayed on my skin long enough to do a very good job. While it might have helped with acne a little, it definitely does not live up to its name.

I also felt that it made my skin more oily and I quickly stopped using it to switch to a different product. Over the course of the day, my skin would become uncomfortably oily. Where is the continuous control in that?

Clean & Clear’s Continuous Control Acne cleanser
sat in my shower for quite some time before I finally picked it up again, a sure sign that this product was no doing its job adequately.

There are definitely other acne products, some even from Clean & clear, that I prefer of the Continuous Control Acne Cleanser.

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