Mt Dew Throwback: Throw It Away!

Date Mon, May 4 2009

It’s like this. I take a walk to the gas station the other day and see that there is a different Mt Dew bottle and think “Again? They just changed it.” So I grab 2 bottles, one with the “old” label and one with the new and take them on home. I drink the first and open the seocnd a while later. As soon as I take a drink, I nearly gag because this is not the Mt Dew I know and love. I freak out a little bit, take a look at the bottle and see that it says “MT Dew Throwback”. I grab my old bottle from the trash to compare and see this “new” Mt Dew has natural sugar (and less of it) instead of high fructos corn syrup and less sodium. In the end, it’s a little better for you but, c’mon, if you’re drinking Mt Dew, do you care? And isn’t there already Diet and Caffeine-Free? (Both of which suck!)

So I scour the internet and you can imagine my relief when I see this is just a temporary flavour “variant” and, for some unknown reason, some people like this shit. People are looking for it because its release was somewhat sporadic. I can’t believe it. It’s horrible. And here’s why.

It’s less sweet. That’s a given but the sugar is what makes Mt Dew, Mt Dew. It tastes much more citrussy with almost a burning bite. It’s less carbonated in a way that makes it taste stale. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they found some Dew from the 60s and repackaged it. Voila! Mt Dew Throwback.

The only thing good about it? I prefer the simplistic packaging and it’s clearer to see through. That’s kind of neat. Unless you want a bottle full of chemical taste, pass on by!

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