Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Face and Body Strips

Date Thu, September 19 2013

Nair Hair Remover Spa Clay Face Wax StripsNair’s Brazilian Spa Clay face and body wax strips are really quite similar except for the fact that the body strips are larger. Each has two different sizes, so you can cover more area or get into those nooks and crannies if need be. The smaller facial strips are about the size of a small Band-aid of usable wax. The bigger size are twice as wide and about 1/2 inch longer. The smaller size of the body wax strips are actually the same as the larger face wax. I couldn’t see any difference between those two at all. Finally, the large body strip has a wax surface area of 2″ by 5.5″. This makes them ideal for legs and thighs, I’d think.

The pre-waxed strips are fabric-like, and you rub them between your hands until the Nair logo disappears. In my experience, you don’t have to rub long. The light-blue logo has already partially been faded as I took these strips out of the box.

Pulling them apart to have two usable strips is a little tricky, however. The wax rarely pulls evenly. I almost think that a thick layer on one strip with just a slick backing would work better.

The last time I tried the wax strips, they were a weird plastic strip and the wax so gooey that it couldn’t cling to anything. These strips use a dryer wax that’s thinner and stays in place. The fabric feel of the strips makes them easy to manipulate around curves, and I rub them into place before pulling my skin taut and removing the strip. As you can see from my photo, it does take off some hair.

However, the amount of hair that the strips grabbed was really a tiny percent of what was there. It also works far better with finer hairs. If you’re dealing with stubborrn, coarse hair, these strips probably won’t work for you. Also, I had assume that this would be pretty easy on my skin, but as I’ve found out several times, the face and body wax strips can grab a layer of skin and break it right off. So, I’ve wound up pretty red after using these occasionally.

Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips

Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips

You can see how the wax didn’t peel apart evenly in my photos, but there’s some good news: You can reuse the strips a couple times. If they won’t work well with your type of hair, however, this means little to you. Both the face and body strips come with a soothing toilet for use afterward. It’s an oil-based product, so it feels sort of greasy. However, it does feel good and will cut through any remnant wax. Unfortunately, the heavy formula caused me to break out. This is something that almost always happens with products intended for use after waxing, so I expected it. I find that a Vitamin E oil soothes and removes wax, so I’ll probably use that next time around.

In fact, some of the Amazon reviews point out the use of mineral oil and other chemicals in the strips and clay wax, so it’s something to be on the lookout for it you have really sensitive skin. You should really do a spot test first. If you break out in hives, a rash or get a chemical burn, it’s not going to be pretty on your face. I truly don’t consider mine to be that sensitive, but waxing and hair removal seems to be the exception for me.

It’s a bit strange, the ratio of wipes to wax strips. There’s 40 strips (10 double-strips of each size) and 4 wipes. So I guess they’re assuming you’ll you about 10 wax strips every time you use the product. I don’t know about that.

So I’m not entirely sold on these products, but they didn’t completely fail the test. However, they cost less than $5 on Amazon, so it’s not a big risk.

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  1. Tammy Woodall September 22 2013 @ 9:09 pm

    I like the fact that they come in different sizes. That can be important in certain areas when you want to do a large area, and not have to do it several times.

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