Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Line Review and Giveaway

Date Tue, September 24 2013

On the Nair website, these products are described with the following:

 luxurious hair removal treatments, inspired by the secrets of the Brazilian spa.

Now, I’m not entirely sure that anything you can buy from Wal-mart counts as luxurious, but I’m open to anything that works and doesn’t kill my skin in the process. These products contain  mango butter, açai berry and mineral-rich clay, so they’re supposed to be better for your skin. Color me intrigued.

Nair was kind enough to send me four products to test:

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay


This new line provides a variety of ways for you to remove hair for up to 8 weeks at a time, and new formulas mean you might give the products a whirl even if you haven’t loved Nair products in the past. I don’t promise miracles, but you might just find a product that you like and want to continue using. I reviewed the face and body waxing strips in a separate post, which you can see here.

Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio

Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio

Before I get to the giveaway, I’d like to talk about the hair removing creams in the Spay Clay line. I received the face cream in addition to the Total Body Trio. Both trios include a pre-cream treatment to ready the area that you’re going to remove hair from. With the body kit, it’s a mineral-oil based wipe. In fact, the ingredients list is identical to that of the post-wax wipes that came with the wax strips. The fact that the before and after wipes are exactly the same makes me wonder about marketing. Shouldn’t post wipes prep skin and affect hair, while wipes that you use after should soothe the skin with ingredients like aloe and Vitamin E? The latter is in all the treatment products as well as mango seed extract, but I just don’t know that these wipes help before you use the cream.

However, the face kit includes a pen-like applicator with a twist base. You spread on the pre-treatment, which  has a little brush. I like this method much better, and while there’s overlap with the ingredients, the list isn’t exactly the same. The treatment is still heavy on mineral oil, however. The brush not only allows you to apply it with less mess, but you can easily spot test a location on a location other than your face — I tried my hand — to see how your body will do with it. I’ve found that my skin really doesn’t like mineral oil.

Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Face Trio

The second ingredient in both trios is the actual hair remover. The facial cream is intended for more sensitive skin and comes in a small tube. The body trio has a large tub of thicker product, which you can use in the shower. It comes with a sponge applicator, which I found works well enough. There’s also a plastic applicator, but I never had much luck with those.

You know the drill.

  1. Put on the cream in a thick layer. Don’t rub.
  2. Leave it on for 7 minutes.
  3. Spot test an area with a wet washcloth.
  4. Wait three more minutes if not satisfied.

My experience with the “sensitive” facial cream was similar to that with the wax. My skin reacted a little poorly and was red for an extended period of time. This has been my experience with waxing even at salons, so yours might vary if you haven’t had issues with hair removal creams before. However, if you had, you should likely stay away from this product even though it’s intended for sensitive skin. You are chemically burning off the hair.

So what about performance? Meh, really. Peach fuzz disappeared, but that was about it. The coarse hair remained. The body cream did better, however. Did it last through the shower? Yes.. if I managed to keep it out of the direct line of water. A really thick layer of cream did manage to remove most of the hair. Nevertheless, it also managed to make my skin red and splotchy for a full 24 hours and burned like hell. Some people might consider this an acceptable sacrifice, though. You’ll have to try these products for yourself to see if you like them.

Finally, both have post-treatment gel moisturizers that come in tubes.  Unfortunately, even the sensitive facial gel isn’t really sensitive. It’s got mineral oil in the top five ingredients as well as a slew of parabens. I think that Nair should offer more of a regular facial moisturizer — perhaps with some added ingredient to soothe tender skin and even fight pain. However, using the gel after did physically feel better. I’m wary that such a heavy moisturizer will cause me to break out, though.

I’m proud to present readers of Reviews by Cole  with a giveaway does does give you the opportunity to try them out. Simply click the PromoSimple widget below and follow the instructions to get your hands on them!

Good luck!

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