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Date Fri, April 10 2015

I was sent two products from Radha Beauty to review: a bottle of fractioned coconut oil and a bottle of pure argan oil. I’ve been increasingly hearing good things about coconut oil, and a friend even just recently posted on Facebook about how much she likes using argan oil for her hair!

So the oils joined the ranks with my other toiletries!

Radha Beauty Coconut Oil

radha beauty coconut oil

radha beauty coconut oil

The coconut oil arrived in a much-larger 16-ounce bottle with a shampoo style press cap. I suspect the larger bottle is because there are so many uses for beauty, and a lot of people are going to use it as a carrier to create other beauty products.

Similarly, a larger bottle works well for cooking uses. In fact, I just recently read a post on TIME about how adding coconut oil to your rice water can cut calories in half. The fractioned oil is a pure oil rather than the waxy coconut oil you can find, and fractioned will last a lot longer without going bad.

However, you should know that this process removed lauric acid, one of the solid, fatty acids found in coconut oil, and liquid coconut oil may not be as effective for some of these uses. The bottle says it’s both not for internal use and good for cooking, but I think I’d stick to solid coconut oil for cooking.

There’s are plenty of lists, like this one, with ideas for how to use your coconut oil. I’m not the type to make my own health and beauty products, so I stuck to things I could use coconut oil for directly.

So, I tried the coconut for a number of different purposes:

  • Moisturizing skin (wet and dry)
  • Shaving
  • Keeping cuticles soft
  • Removing makeup

I also plan to use it to make a sugar scrub — equal parts both ingredients. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Out of all the things I tried, I like using coconut oil best as a skin moisturizer on wet skin. Shaving left a closer shave than drug-store brands, but it wasn’t better than my preferred brand of shaving cream/oil. My legs also didn’t feel any less itchy after shaving, even though I used the oil to moisturizer.

As a makeup remover, it was too oily, even though this is a relatively non-greasy formula. I do think adding a couple essential oils in your favorite scents would make a great massage oil, but I do have plenty of those.

But almost every time I used it, I wound up with a ring of oil on my counter or table from where the bottle sat. The applicator is really less than ideal, and you’ll probably want a dropper or even a spray bottle, like the one that comes with my body dew, as an applicator.

I would definitely suggest that this bottle at least come with an option dropper, like the argan oil did.

Radha Beauty Argan Oil

radha beauty argan oil

radha beauty argan oil

When it comes to bottling, the argan oil wins – hands-down. It comes in a smaller, capped glass bottle with an additional dropped that fits on it. You can keep the cap for travel, but I tossed mine.

The dropper makes it easy to apply just a little product on your hair, skin or nails. In fact, a little goes a looong way. I found this out as I tried to use argan oil on my hair to give it shin and help with frizz. However, my hair is short enough that even one drop seemed to be too much. It shined like crazy, but seemed a little heavy, even after reducing the amount I was using. I think argan oil would be great for longer hair, however.

Perhaps a smaller dropper would be helpful because even using it for cuticle oil, it seems to be a lot of product. Of course, I massage it into the rest of my hands, too. This is my go-to use for argan oil, right now. I’m sure I could just as easily use the coconut oil, but it’s easier to use the dropper.

I have read that you can use a mix of tea tree oil and argan oil to fight acne, which I will definitely try out later. Right now I’m reviewing another skincare system.

Argan oil does seem less greasy than the fractioned coconut oil, so you might prefer using it when you’d like a less oily option. One thing you can do is add argan oil to your bath, though I don’t have a tub.

If you’re considering these products, I would look up some of the uses and see which one might fit your needs better. The argan oil comes in a smaller bottle, which is better if you’re not sure whether it will be the right product for you. But if you really want to get all the uses out of a natural oil, Radha’s coconut oil comes in a big bottle that will definitely less you experiment.

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