Neat 3B Body Saver

Date Sun, September 29 2013
Neat 3B Body Saver

Neat 3B Body Saver

A while back, I wrote a post about products that you can use to beat the chafing caused by heat. While it’s cooling down, I have to tell you about one more product: 3B Body Saver cream. If I had had this product a couple months ago, it would have wound up on my list.

Interestingly enough, everything on that list has different ingredients and textures. This is a thick, white cream like any that you might find in your bathroom. Upon first application, it almost feels a bit sticky upon application. Initially, I didn’t love this. I like the slickness of Aftershave oil because it feels like it’s lubricating my skin. This product doesn’t seem to physically reduce friction. Rather, it deals with the irritation and chafing that can occur because of it.

After applying 3B Body Saver cream, I’ve gone on walks for a couple hours without problem, however. It doesn’t feel much different than not using any product at all after it absorbs into my skin, but I don’t feel as uncomfortable after I get home and take my rest. There was a noticeable difference if I’d head out for a walk and didn’t use the cream.

Of course, while this product seems to work, it’s not packaged in a pretty package, and you may find it a bit large for your purse or bag. The tube isn’t the most convenient form of application, either. A pump might be better, but that’s not a huge deal for a product that works.

The tube lists the active ingredient as zinc acetate, which I couldn’t find a whole lot of information about online. It seems that it’s usually taken orally and not applied topically. However,

According to the product description, this cream “may also help to prevent fungal infections such as tinea and intertrigo which tend to occur in these warm, moist areas of the body.” That’s great news if you’re active or an athlete. This is due to the fact that the  I’m no athlete, but I do like to keep moving as much as I can and comfortably.  For many areas, regular deodorant might work, but Near 3B Body Saver cream goes on step further.

One tube does retail for more than $15 on Amazon, however. So you may want to shop around and try other products before this cream.

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