NeoCell Acai Berry Biotin Bursts

Date Wed, April 15 2015

You might remember when I tried NeoCell’s Beauty Bursts a while back. I liked that the supplements were tasty and easy to chew, so I was excited to work with the company again to try their Biotin Bursts. This is a similar product, but the main ingredient is biotin, as the name suggests, rather than the collagen in the Beauty Bursts.

Each package contains 30 individually-wrapped soft chews that contain 10,000 micrograms of biotin. One recommended daily doses is 30mcg, so one is all you need!

They’re easy to take as you’re running down the door, and you can keep them in your purse to have on the go. The container says to store it in the fridge, but I don’t like chewy things to be too hard, so I kept it on the counter. This was fine for me, but it’s springtime in Wisconsin, which isn’t so warm. In a different climate, you might want to stick to the insturctions.

Neocell Acai Berry Biotin Bursts

Neocell Acai Berry Biotin Bursts

The Acai Berry formula is low in sugar, but it still tastes fruity. I’m not sure I actually know what acai tastes like, but this vaguely reminded me of fruity or grape Kool-aid. It might seem a little “artificial” to some people, but I didn’t mind it at all!

You’re supposed to take one daily; although, my journey took a little longer because I forgot a day or two. After roughly a month, 8 of my nails are much longer than they were when I started, and some of them seem especially strong. My thumb nails might be able to break a wall. Okay.. that might be a little exaggerated.

I do currently have two shorter nails, but they’re not crazy short. One nail had broken at a strange angle the while back, so it wound up catching and tearing off. However, the tear was clean and not in layers, which I think is actually a good sign when it comes to to strength.

I actually noticed that my toe nails grew crazy fast and strong, and had to cut them 3 or so times during that month. I usually cut them about once a month. I do a lot of walking, so keeping my tootsie nails short and smooth is a must, but this was a good way to keep track of growth.

Biotin, a type of B vitamin, is also good for your hair. My hair has been rather voluminous lately, especially since I’ve been keeping it cut short so it’s not weighed down. Growth has also been noticeable this year, which is one reason I’ve already have two haircuts, ha!

I didn’t notice any real difference in skin while taking these supplements. My nails seemed to get the biggest boost from the bursts!

You can check out this post for more benefits of biotin.  I think Biotin Bursts are definitely worth checking out if you’ve got weak hair or nails, especially if pill supplements aren’t up your alley!

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