Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip

Date Tue, March 31 2015

I bought my 3DS on Black Friday the year before last. I was excited, and I played quite a bit for the few few months. But then I got my new phone and my 3DS began picking up dust.

I’m sure this wasn’t solely because of my phone, but playing my 3DS for any extended period of time was quite uncomfortable. Although it was the same size and shape as my DS Lite, the edges were much sharper. This chafed my skin uncomfortably. New buttons made my hands cramp, too, so I wasn’t playing my 3DS as often as I figured.

I put the matter out of my mind for a while, but I bought a couple new Mario games a few weeks ago and picked my 3DS up again. Except I was experiencing the same problems and wanted a solution.

This lead me to Amazon, where I found a couple different grips. Most of them imitated popular gaming controllers, were made of plastic and snapped onto your 3DS to make it more comfortable to hold. There were a few options, and the one that looked the best came with a kit. I didn’t need the other pieces, nor did I want to spend the money,

So I opted to buy the cheapest option I could find — the 3DS Hand Grip. I figured I could return it if I didn’t like it.

Fortunately, it’s quite good at making my 3DS more comfortable to handle. Although it’s not shaped like any particular controller as you can see in my photo (PS3 and Wii U Pro Controller for comparison), and it’s less “deep” than a controller, the rounded edges prevent my hands from cramping up like they would otherwise.

3DS hand grip with controllers

3DS hand grip with controllers

The hand grip leaves everything accessible, including the stylus, game slot and charging port. It does sit right against the volume slider, so it’s easier to adjust with my fingernail or the tip of the slider. But I don’t need to take it off to do so.

The grip snaps firmly into place into notches in the back of the 3DS, but it’s possible to remove if you need to.

There’s also a hinged kick stand on the bottom that holds an additional SD card. This is convenient; although, I don’t have a use for it.

Adding the 3DS Hand Grip to my 3Ds increases bulk, but it also increases comfort. I’d say it’s a winner due to that fact alone, and Nintendo would be smart to make their own.

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