No Scratch

Date Sun, September 5 2010

No Scratch is a spray fro Pet Organics that promises to stop yuor cats from scratching sutff. They claim it “prevents de-clawing.”

So does it work?

I have no idea. =/

I first got it and sprayed areas where Goliath likes to scrathc (the couch, the carpet by the bathroom). He stayed away for days. I was super excited.

He has since made his way back to those spots, though. Depending on how tired I am, I spray him with the squirt bottle (of water) or, if I remember, I spray another couple mists of No Scratch on the area… But sometimes he goes right back. So, apparently, it doesn’t really phase him when it’s wet. Maybe it works better when it’s dry, I don’t know.

According to the bottle, it’s the herbal “essentials” that deter cats from scratching on fabric surfaces. These essentials include garlic and clove oil as well as soidium lauryl sulfate. You’re supposed to apply daily for a few days, “then as needed.” So, I assume as needed means, “when your cat starts scratching again.” Thus far, as needed has been more frequently than I’d really like. Maybe Goliath is a veggie lover?

Like any product, you should test on a small area of the surface to check for staining.

So, the jury’s still out on No Scratch. I’ve probably used about half of the 16 fl ounce bottle in a 2 months or so. =/ And while it doesn’t work as nicely as I’d like, I do think it works better than nothing at all so I am hesitant to say anything bad. If your cat has a scratching issue and you have issue with declawing, it doesn’t hurt to try this product from Pet Organics. I got mine from PetSmart but Amazon also sells it for under $10.

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