Nutella Cookies [Recipe Review]

Date Tue, February 26 2013
Nutella Cookies

Nutella Cookies © ABusyNest

I like Nutella, easy recipes and cookies. This four-ingredient recipe seemed like a smash hit, then. Plus, the cookies looked delicious in pictures. The recipe really is as easy as it sounds. Add equals parts Nutella, flour and eggs. Mix. The recipe called for sugar but other pinners said to skip that. I can tell you that, without sugar, it’s not very sweet. I think sprinkling with regular or powdered sugar before baking would be an excellent answer.

The dough cake out quite dry, however. Mixing was a pain, and this is definitely one of those batters that is best mixed with your hands. The same goes for scooping the dough onto your cookie sheets. I added up adding some milk – a healthy splash – and egg because it was just too dry. Melting the nutella first might be a better option, however.

I used my hands to roll out balls, but the thickness of this recipe meant that they didn’t flatten at all. I’d suggesting using less dough than you expect and flattening like you would with a peanut butter cookie. I baked for 9 minutes exactly and they turned out quite well. The batter and the finished cookies had apint texture and taste that reminded me of Chocolate Malt o Meal. The unique Nutella flavor really wasn’t there like you’d expect, but they weren’t bad.

In the future, I’d definitely use a little powdered sugar. However, these cookies are probably a better alternative to those laden with sweets. I thought chunks of cherries would really compliment this recipe well; however, I can’t complain for only three ingredients! I will experiment in the future, though.

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