NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost Polish

Date Sat, April 7 2012

Purple Pizzazz Frost

Purple Pizzazz Frost

I’ve been buying a lot more nail polish, and I had no intention of reviewing any of it. Mostly, it works. I’m pretty sloppy, though, so I don’t want to have to show you the pictures. People who get perfect manicures at home, well, they suck. But I have to write about this, because it’s just awful.

In the bottle this is a shiny purple/blue. It almost looks duotone. In fact, I was hoping it might be. Upon the first, very patchy, uneven and streaky layer, it was a cheer fuschia/grape. There’s not hint of this warmness in the bottle, whatsoever. Upon subsequent layers, it turns to a cool, blue-ish purple frost.

However, you need about 6 of those layers for it to become opaque. Seriously. Six. I can’t barely wait for my nails to dry after two layers, but six? It’s ridiculous. Needless to say, my nails didn’t dry before I had to get back to my real life, and now there’s some damned horrid ones that are dented and smudged.

The other thing? This polish is extremely hard to remove. I tried to clean up around the edges and gave up after three Q-tips. I only ever need one with other brands, even with three layers.

I do like the glossy, frosty purple that this produces — so much so that I’m definitely in the market for any similar recommendations. Ugh. I’m glad I spent less than $1 on this. The only use I can see getting out of it, is layering it over some super opaque color, like black. I did that on one nail before, and it wasn’t awful. Still, that’s not the color I want. =/

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  1. Jenn April 7 2012 @ 4:53 pm

    Six layers of color is insane! I’m so sorry that it needed so much, and then of course didn’t dry right and turned into smudge/dent city.

  2. N. May 12 2012 @ 10:03 pm

    Oh wow, you reviewed one of my favorites! Haha. I used to wear this all the time but, yeah, I agree that it’s super hard to remove if you actually use enough layers for it to look good. When I was lazy I would be content with a couple of coats and have a more lilac color but who wants that when they bought it for that deep, shiny purple you know?

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