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Date Wed, October 29 2014

I’m not the type of person who goes out of her way to find natural products, but if it’s natural, affordable and effective, I will recommend it to everyone! My fist experience with a natural cat litter but’s something I wanted to write home about — though, I did write about it. Still, I was hopeful when receiving three boxes of Okocat litter to review.

The types are as follows.

There’s a clumping version for long-haired cats, but mine are not.

okocat litter

okocat litter

All of the options are natural. They’re free of chemicals and clay. It promises 7-day odor control and is supposed to absorb up to 5x its volume in urine, obviously.

So how did the cat litters do?

Texture and Material

I first tried the pine littler, which was little wood chips. The volume of individual pieces is much larger than clay litter, so it fills up the litter box more quickly.

The clumping litter, which I didn’t get  chance to photograph is also made of wood, but it doesn’t smell like pine. It seemed softer and thinner in size. It didn’t hurt if I stepped on it.

The dust-free is made of little paper pellets. It reminds me of rodent food pellets or Chinese crispy noodles.

Natural Dust-Free Paper and Natural Pine Litter

Natural Dust-Free Paper and Natural Pine Litter

Dealing with Smell

None of the little options were good at minimizing the smell after the cats too a poo. The pine and clumping seemed especially worst. Although, they seem okay with dealing with urine smell. I’m not sure which is worse.

Fortunately, I had just purchased an awesome pumpkin candle that I’ve been burning in the bathroom, but this is definitely an issue.

Clumping and Scooping

The pine and paper litters by Okocat didn’t clump at all. When you’re scooping those two, you’re just basically scooping the poos themselves. I much preferred the texture of the clumping cat litter for actual clumping. However, all of the litters are so big in volume that they’re too big for the slots in my scooper. Instead of sifting, I wound up having to sort of shake the excess off the front of the scooper. It’s way easier said than done!

Furthermore, the added volume means this litter just didn’t work well with my Litter Genie. Instead of one “bag” lasting me a couple weeks, it only lasts me about a week.


Both the pine and clumping were easily tracked all over the house, which led to be vacuuming more frequently. The clumping especially seemed to get caught in the shag rug I have in the bathroom, so I would advise against it if you have any plush carpets. Every time I stepped on a little pine chip, it would hurt! In fact, it bothered me so much that I didn’t use up the entire box. I don’t think that has ever been the case with The dust-free paper cat litter was the best in terms of tracking. I noticed a few pellets right outside the litter box but none made it to the rug by the bathroom door. I may have noticed one outside the bathroom. That’s pretty good!

As far as Okocat litter goes for my needs, it’s barely “Okay.” It’s pretty frustrating that neither of the cat litter options dealt well with all smells, and cleaning the litter box became more difficult due to the size of the pellets. Tracking was a serious issue with the wood-based litters. With prices well above the prices you’d pay for a standard box or bucket of clay-based litter, it’s a pretty big risk for most consumers.

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  1. Diane Green February 2 2016 @ 8:09 pm

    I bought the OKOCAT paper dust-free litter. I can smell my cat’s poo in the litter box but I cannot find it among the paper pellets. What do I do? How do I clean it out? I have been on a quest for litter that keeps odors to a minimum; that doesn’t track; and that is not harmful to my cat. I thought I finally found “the one.” How do I find the poo among the pellets? The litter seems fine for pee but poo is a problem. HELP!

  2. Cole February 2 2016 @ 9:58 pm

    Hi diane,

    I am just another consumer like you. I am sure that I wound up sifting around with my scooper to find it, but the big pellets don’t work super well with the scooper, so I wasn’t a fan. Good luck!

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